Best Solar Rope Lights – Top Reviews for 2021

Rope lights are some of the sturdiest decorative lights you can use to adorn your home or business. Whether you do it to prepare for the holiday season or just to add a romantic, warm feeling to an outdoor or indoor space, these fixtures are made to both look beautiful and last for a long time.

Meanwhile, if you’re worried about the impact these new decorations might have on the environment or your budget, you can always use solar rope lights instead. The latter cost no cent in addition to their initial price and are much easier to install due to their wire-free design.

ALUVEE Solar Rope String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

AGPtek 13m/42.6FT 100 LED String

MPOW Solar String Lights, 2 x 33ft (100 LEDs)

What Are the Best Solar Rope Lights in 2020?

Going solar for this year’s holiday decorations is not only a compassionate decision, but also a smart one. The solar sector has come so far over the previous decades that there is almost no traditional ornament you can’t also find in a solar version. To make sure you choose only from the best on the market, we’ve put together this list of the top 5 best solar powered rope lights in 2020. (Looking for more general lighting solutions? Check out these solar light bulbs.)

ALUVEE Solar Rope String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

Editor's Pick

The solar LED rope lights for outdoor use by Aluvee offer the best of everything. They are bright enough to stand out in any yard or store front, made using quality components, protected by a heavy-duty PVC tube for long-term use, and very affordable, too. With 33ft of rope for each set, these lights are enough to decorate just about any space or feature.

Unlike with conventional rope lights, the installation of these kits can be done in minutes. The rope is highly bendable and easily molded into any desirable shape, while the solar panel can be positioned at some distance from the lights themselves for maximum sunlight absorption. The lights must be turned on once, when they are used for the first time, but will then come on and off automatically, depending on the availability of light.

These solar powered rope lights feature 2 working modes, flash and steady on, that you can use to set the perfect mood for any occasion. Their IP65 water-proof certification ensures that they are designed for outdoor use in any weather conditions.


  • 33Ft of PVC tube and 100 bright LED lights per set
  • Very easy to install: no wiring, no additional hardware required
  • Highly flexible; can be bent in any desirable shape
  • 2 Working modes for different atmospheres – romantic and playful


  • Might not stay on for the full 8 hours per night if they don’t receive enough sunlight during the day

BBOUNDER 2 Pack Solar Rope Lights, 2 x 23ft (60 LEDs)

The package by Bbounder comes with 2 sets of solar powered rope lights, each with 23ft of PVC tube and 60 bright LEDs. Put together, the pack features 120 LEDs distributed across 46ft of rope, which is a bargain compared to other, similarly priced products.

In addition, these rope lights for outdoor use are appreciated for their durability and their performance. The high-quality copper wire that connects the lights to one another is covered with a protective PVC tube for long-term exposure to the elements and can be easily flexed into any shape without damaging the product. As such, the ropes can be used to decorate any patio, garden, pavilion, balcony, stairs, and other features.

As ornaments, they are convenient to install because no wiring, batteries, or hardware are required in addition to what is already included in each set. Simply adorn your space with the lights, then connect them to the solar panel, and stake the panel into the ground at a position where it is likely to get the most sunshine throughout the day.


  • A total of 46ft of PVC tube and 120 LED lights per pack
  • Tested and appreciated for durability and performance
  • Easy to install and bend around various outdoor or indoor features
  • Fully weather-proof


  • Slightly more expensive than other options

SOCO Solar Rope String Lights, 33ft (100 LEDs)

The solar LED rope lights by Soco come in sets of 33ft and 100 LEDs each. They can be ordered in white, warm white, blue, and multicolor and they feature two possible working modes, flash and steady on, so that you can create the perfect setting for any party. They are lengthy enough to cover any outdoor feature and bright enough to stand out during an event.

Like most solar powered rope lights, the sets by Soco require very little time and effort to be installed. You don’t have to worry about connecting them to a plug, there are no wires to get in your way, and you need no hardware to put together and set up the solar panel. Only two buttons are needed to operate the entire installation – the on/off button and the mode button. Once the lights are turned on for the first time, you can forget about them entirely and they will continue to work through nighttime on their own.


  • 33Ft of flexible tube with 100 LEDs per set
  • Available in multiple colors for diverse party settings
  • Easy to install; requires no additional wires or tools
  • Weather-proof and automatically operated


  • May be less durable than other options

AGPtek 13m/42.6FT 100 LED String

Most Popular

The solar rope lights for outdoor use by Agptek are as pretty as all other options presented here – for a similar price. They come in sets of 42.6ft with 100 LEDs each and are therefore perfect for decorating backyards, gardens, roofs, large trees, and other sizeable features.

In addition, the lights feature 8 working modes, which means you don’t have to replace them for different holidays or events. Just switch between the different flashing options to create the perfect ambiance. The sets also come in three different colors, white, warm white, and multicolored, so they can be used to complement diverse color schemes.

Finally, the high capacity 2400mAh battery ensures that the lights stay on for 10 or more hours at a time, provided that they receive enough sunlight during the day.


  • 42.6Ft of rope with 100 LED lights per set
  • Available in multiple colors, each with 8 possible working modes
  • High capacity battery for brighter and more durable lights
  • Weather-proof


  • Slightly more expensive than other options

MPOW Solar String Lights, 2 x 33ft (100 LEDs)

Best Value

Mpow’s solar rope lights do not come with a PVC tube, but they are considerably more affordable than other options presented here and are still sturdy enough to ensure durability. The pack includes 2 sets of 33ft of cable and 100 LEDs each, while the absence of a plastic tube actually makes the rope more flexible and easier to swirl around decorative features.

The LEDs are super bright compared to other products and the 8 possible working modes ensure you can switch between comfy, romantic, and playful settings at your discretion. The solar panel is designed with conversion efficiency in mind and, together with a powerful battery, allows the lights to stay on for up to 10 hours at a time.


  • 66Ft of highly flexible copper wire with 200 LEDs per pack
  • A very advantageous price compared to other options
  • 8 Working modes for different ambient settings
  • Weather-proof for rainy and very hot days


  • Does not include a PVC tube

The Advantages of Solar LED Rope Lights

The Advantages of Solar LED Rope Lights

Solar rope lights (like the related solar fairy lights) hold numerous advantages for anyone who is willing to give them a try. From increased convenience to a straightforward setup, increased safety, free and renewable energy, these products could easily replace their more conventional counterparts.

Enhanced Durability

Because solar powered rope lights are engineered to stay outdoors all year round, they are covered with a heavy-duty type of plastic tube that makes them more resilient than classic string lights. This increased durability ensures they will be able to withstand temperature variations, wind, and rain without falling apart.

Quick and Easy Installation

The easy, stress-free installation of solar LED rope lights (just like these solar string lights) is what convinces most people to buy them in the first place. Nobody wants to micro-manage extension cords all over their backyard, let alone properly insulate them while making sure they pose no risk for children or animals. It’s as easy as taking them out of the box and putting them anywhere you want.


As climate change is proving to be one of the most pressing issues at present, many buyers prefer solar rope lights because they are not associated with pollution or gas emissions. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and easy to harness. As long as you dispose of them appropriately when their time comes, there’s no carbon footprint attached to them.

Easy on the Budget

Working on renewable energy means that solar powered rope lights will actually save you money. Regardless of how much you have to pay for them up front (and they’re incredibly affordable nowadays), these lights, like any outdoor solar lights, will save you money in the long run. This is especially the case for people living in remote areas where electricity is expensive.

Perfect for Cozy Decorations and Parties

No al fresco dinner party is complete without proper lighting. The warm glow of solar LED rope lights will create a charming, magical ambiance for your garden that will brighten your moments with close friends and family. You won’t have to worry about them running out of juice either, as they’ll continue to shine for at least 6 hours after dusk.

Tips on How to Decorate Using Solar Rope Lights

Because of how easy it is to install rope lights outdoors, decorating your home with them is the easiest thing you can do. You can start by hanging them alongside the railings of your porch, either on top or under them, so that you and your guests can always tell where you’re going once the sun is down.

If you’ve got a green fence, you can hide solar rope lights among the leaves to create the impression that tens of fairies or fireflies have gathered around your group to take part in the fun. Alternatively, you can placing them straight on the ground, among your favorite solar birdbaths, for a romantic twist.

Children can feel solitary without any source of light. The increased versatility of solar powered rope lights also means you can use them indoors to decorate the rooms of your children. Just place them among some of their favorite plushies sitting on the shelves for a dreamlike effect to help sooth your babies.

The Best Solar Rope Lights for Outdoor Use: Common Features

The Best Solar Rope Lights for Outdoor Use Common Features

Regardless of what solar LED rope lights you choose, the best versions of these products have features in common that you should be able to count on. Several of these characteristics, such as their flexibility and completely automated working mode, can be a blessing for those looking to light their way in a convenient, yet safe manner.

Multiple working modes

Most rope lights for outdoor use have up to 8 lighting styles suitable for any occasion you might have in mind. Whether you’re looking to host an up-beat party, light your fences for increased security, or just have additional visibility in your back yard once the sun sets, lighting modes varying from steady on to flashing fireflies, waves, or fading have got you covered. They’re much like solar pebbles in that respect.

Weather-proof build

Because solar rope lights are meant to be kept outdoors (just like these solar gazing balls), weather resistance is crucial to their longevity. As such, manufacturers equip them with heavy-duty plastic covers to ensure they withstand wind, rain, heat and cold. Unlike regular bulbs, these LEDs don’t contain filaments, which means they’ll be up and running anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours and more.


The versatility of these solar powered rope lights would be completely useless if they weren’t capable of easily bending around decorative features. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about damaging the wire as you bend, turn, and curve them to fit your needs and space.

Automated On/Off Switch

Nobody wants to have to turn their decorative lights on and off every day. For this reason, these LED installations are equipped with in-built timers and sensors that can turn the lights on as the sun sets and it gets darker, but also off when the morning comes. No wasted energy, no need to turn any switches.

The versatility, durability, and potential to save that are associated with any of these solar powered rope lights makes for an incredible value purchase. You might think you’re fine with regular bulbs, but until you’ve experienced the reliability and aesthetic qualities of solar LED installations, you haven’t seen anything. (Looking for more cool solar-themed products? Check out these great solar umbrellas!)

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