Best Solar Powered Security Lights in 2021

Home security is a big source of stress and worry for many homeowners unless they have solar security lights. Making sure your property, and more importantly your family, is safe gives great peace of mind. Solar security lights are a great addition to your home security package. They help give you that peace of mind whether you are home, or away.

Solar lights are a great way to ensure the security of your home. They can be flood lights that provide a wide range of light across a large area in your home, or spotlights that focus a bright beam on a single area like a door or a series of steps.

By installing solar security lights you gain many advantages over conventional security lights. Firstly, the solar lights require no wiring to connect it to your home’s electrical grid, so they can be installed by you with relative ease. No risk of injury and no need to pay the expensive cost of an electrician.

Secondly, once they are installed there is no additional cost or pollution associated with powering them. Solar security lights don’t draw power from your home, and so the cost of using them will not be on your electric bill every month. Instead, they will power themselves from free, clean solar energy.

And third, since they do not rely on electric power from your home to function, they can remain on even if your power goes out during a storm, or if it is cut by potential intruders. The safety you gain from solar security lights doesn’t rely on power from any external source other than the sun.

To help you move towards security and peace of mind, we’ve found the best solar powered security lights to review.

We judged the best solar lights on their ability to charge well enough to last all night, their brightness and their motion sensitivity. We also considered other factors like durability, the ability to position the lights and solar panel easily, and cost. (For related items, check out our list of our favorite solar spotlights!)

Litom Large-Size Solar Lights 66 LED

Azone LED Solar Motion Sense Lamp

Baxia Technology 28 LED Super Bright Solar Motion Sensor Wall Lights

Reviews of the Best Solar Security Lights

Litom Large-Size Solar Lights 66 LED

Editor's Pick

Litom is a leader in the solar light industry, and these large solar lights are the latest model in the brand’s extensive catalogue of multipurpose solar lights. These lights have multi-function flexibility, wide-angle bright light, and simple installation that makes these the best solar security lights for 2020.

The Litom lights are constructed with a 66 LED light box, topped with a dual solar panel setup. The light and solar panels are angled out so that both light collection and illumination are done at wide angles.

This means that during the day the dual panels are positioned to collect sunlight at peak efficiency as the sun tracks across the sky. This helps to charge the solar security light’s internal lithium ion battery during the day.

After dark, the solar sensor will turn on the LED light panel, the 66 LED lights are arranged in a wide U formation along the lower edge of the device, This provides lighting in a wide angle: 270 degrees of light at a maximum of 100 lumens.

The lights also have multiple function modes. The “high light sensor mode” is off when no motion is detected, and the light comes on with high brightness when motion is sensed. The “dim light sensor mode” has a dim light that stays on all night, and the light grows brighter when motion is sensed. It also has a “stay on” mode for medium-high light all night with no motion function activated.

The Litom solar security lights are effortless to install and maintain. There are no moving parts, no cords to break or wear. The external housing is made of rugged ABS plastic meant to stand up wear and tear in all weather conditions. It’s waterproof and weatherproof for years of high functionality and peace of mind.This is what makes the Litom lights some of the best solar powered motion security lights available today.


  • 66 LEDs set in a wide pattern for extensive coverage
  • Three multifunction modes to suit your needs
  • Comes in a set of 4 for maximum coverage
  • Easy to install, no maintenance or moving parts


  • Solar panel cannot be moved independently

LEPower Solar Powered Security Lights

The LEPower solar security lights provide strong illumination in a variety of situations for your home. The key to the appeal of these security lights is in the external, adjustable solar panel. These lights are some of the best solar powered motion security lights for overhangs, underneath porches, or other shaded areas.

The LEPower lights consist of 2 super-bright LED lights with a maximum output of 950 lumens. The lights provide wide, bright illumination with a motion sensor located just under the lights with a sensitivity of 180 degrees and up to 49 feet.

The two lights are also on a swivel mount, which means each light can be positioned at the angle that best suits your lighting needs. This gives you the flexibility to illuminate a wider range of your home from the one light housing.

The lights are powered by a lithium ion battery which is charged from the large solar panel. The panel is attached to the light by a 15-foot cord. This means the light can be positioned for maximum efficiency at night, while the solar panel can be placed elsewhere to receive the most sunlight during the day.

If you are planning to put the solar light underneath a porch or overhang this can cause shadows and a lack of sunlight. For a solar security light, this is a major issue that might mean your lights don’t live up to their full potential.

With a separately positioned solar panel, you can overcome issues that are caused by needing the light to be positioned somewhere that does not get optimal sun. This gives you more flexibility to embrace solar lighting in situations that might otherwise cause you to turn to traditional lighting.

The LEPower’s amorphous silicon solar panel can be attached to a wall or rooftop and then positioned via a swivel apparatus that allows for you to move the solar panel as needed to catch the best sunlight. Compared to similar solar security lights, the panel is a good size, providing plenty of area to catch photons during the day for maximum charge.

The LEPower solar security lights also have flexible functionality. The lights can be set to higher or lower motion sensitivity, and you can select from several lengths of time for the light to remain on once motion is detected, from 30 seconds to two minutes. You can also move the lights to “permanent on” mode for all-night lighting.

Both the solar panel and the security light are waterproof and weather resistant to help stand up to the elements for years of use. There is one light housing per kit with two positionable lights. It comes in white or black finish to match your home’s decor.


  • Solar panel and motion sensor light can be positioned independently
  • Best solar powered security light for overhangs or shady spots
  • Multiple sensitivity modes to suit your needs
  • 950 lumens brightness for plenty of light and security


  • The plastic construction is not as heavy duty as some other lights

UR Power Wide Angle Solar Lights

The UR Power wide angle solar lights provide 24 LED lights arranged in a wide U pattern similar to the Litom lights in order to give you 270 degrees of illumination at your front door, garage, or deck.

The UR Power lights have a single, outwardly angled solar panel to charge the lithium ion battery during the day. After dark, the 24 LED setup will provide illumination up to 250 lumens. This gives strong, but not blinding light to your home’s entryways.

These solar security lights have multi-function settings so that you can have a dim light always on with a brighter light activated when motion is detected, lights off unless motion is detected, or always on mode for times when you need light for entertaining or enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

These solar security lights provide quick, easy installation in many areas of your home. There are no cords or moving pieces, so there are no obvious points of wear or failure. The UR Power lights are meant to withstand all weather conditions with waterproof exterior and sturdy, compact construction. Whether your location gets blinding heat, or pouring rain (or both!) these lights are meant to stand up to the elements.

Because the solar panel is flat and fixed to the light apparatus, you must take care in positioning these lights. They will not charge fully if placed in the shade of a porch overhang, or beneath a large tree, or in alleyway that is in shadow the majority of the day.

However, the light is small and easy to mount anywhere, and since it has such a wide angled range, it is easy to be flexible with the positioning of these lights and still enjoy beautiful illumination.

The UR Power lights come in a set of four so that you can light up several spots on your home from a single kit.


  • Wide angle, bright light
  • Easy to install
  • 4 lights to a kit for creating beautiful and safe lightscapes


  • Solar panel is flat and fixed to the light top, cannot be moved independently

Azone LED Solar Motion Sense Lamp

Most Popular

The Azone Solar Motion Sense Lamp is a solid choice for a solar security sensor spotlight. It provides bright, directional light to your homes exterior. It also has a pivoting head for the attached light and solar panel, which makes it more flexible than fixed panel lights.

The Azone motion sensor lights affix to your wall, siding, or post with a circular mount, and the light protrudes from the mount on a swivel. This allows you to point the spotlight where you prefer. This is not a wide angle flood light, like some other models, it is more of a spotlight.

The spotlight design gives bright light in exactly the right place, rather than diffusing light over a wide area. So this light is best suited to be positioned by a door so that you can clearly see anyone approaching, or you can make sure there is enough light when you approach to easily get your keys in the lock.

The light is quite bright, with a max brightness of 800 lumens. It also has a dim mode so that the light is softer when motion is not detected.

The solar panel hinges on top of the light cylinder. This allows you to make sure that the angle of the solar panel is ideal based on the position of your light. The manufacturer recommends you face the solar panel towards the South so that you get the maximum charge during the day.

At night the solar photocells will detect the darkness and the light will come on automatically in dim mode. If it detects motion within 120-degrees and 26 feet of the PIR motion detection sensor, it will turn to full brightness for 30 seconds.

Like many of the other solar security lights reviewed, this is highly rated for resistance to rain and temperature extremes. It provides security in many conditions, provided there are 5-6 hours of sunlight available during the day.

The Azone solar security lights come in a kit of two lights, so you can cover multiple doors in your home.


  • Bright, 800 lumens spotlight
  • Positionable light and solar panel
  • Dim mode for light throughout the night


  • Spotlight design does not provide a wide angle of lighting

Baxia Technology 28 LED Super Bright Solar Motion Sensor Wall Lights

Best Value

These lights from Baxia Technology are some of the best solar powered security lights for those on a budget. They provide bright, consistent solar lighting to your outdoor space, and they come in a pack of four lights for positioning around multiple areas of your home.

The Baxia Solar security lights have a light panel that is made up of 28 super bright LEDs for a total of 400 lumens of brightness. These lights are placed in a flat panel, which does not provide as wide an angle as some of the better rated solar lights, but it does give a reasonably wide 120-degree angle of light. The four lights in the kit can be placed to complement each other and provide a wider area of light together than a single light would alone.

The motion sensor is able to detect movement within ten feet of the light. This means the light will come on when someone or something approaches, but it isn’t terribly sensitive, and won’t go off all night due to leaves blowing in the wind or other minor movement.

The light and solar panel housing is made of sturdy ABS plastic. That provides strength and durability to the light. It is waterproof and weather resistant to the elements including rain and high outdoor temperatures.

Both the light and the solar panel are fixed at an angle. Baxia has developed this product to angle the lights and solar panel optimally for general use, but because the solar panel cannot be adjusted, you’ll need to place these solar lights somewhere they will get plenty of direct sunlight in order to charge them.

The kit of solar lights comes with four separate lights as well as installation materials including screws. This makes installation fairly straightforward and quick to accomplish.

The Baxia lights are not the best outdoor security lighting for porches or homes that have large overhangs, but if the place you need to put the light is reasonably sunny, these lights are a solid choice for the consumer who does not want to spend a lot.


  • Set of four lights for approximately $30
  • 400 lumens brightness is sufficient to light most gardens and entrances
  • Durable, weatherproof construction


  • Light and solar panels are fixed
  • No dim mode or always on mode

How do I choose the best solar security lights for my home?

How do I choose the best solar security lights for my home

When choosing a motion sensor light for your home, there are many factors to consider. You’ll want to think carefully about the places where you plan to use the lights, whether there are any solar-powered cameras that need illumination, and the conditions there. Consider these factors when choosing the solar security lights that best suit your individual needs:

Motion Sensor Sensitivity

If you’re looking for high security, then lights that are very sensitive to movement, or that detect movement from far away should be high priority. If you just want the light above your garage to come on when you drive up so you can see, you may not require something as sensitive. You may also want to consider combining them with a solar driveway alarm.

Some lights also have multi-modes so you can choose lights that are dim during “normal” operation but that become brighter when they sense movement. This gives you some light at all times, but turns up the brightness when it is most needed.

Solar Panel Flexibility

The areas of our house that we want illuminated after dark sometimes do not correspond to the places that get adequate sunlight for a solar panel during the day. If you want your security light to be positioned underneath a porch or large overhang, for example, you’ll want to choose a light that has a solar panel that can be positioned independently of the light itself.

Some solar panels and solar flood lights are as one piece. There is no way to move the light without moving the solar panel. Other solar panels are almost entirely separate–they are attached to the light only by a thin cord. Some of these solar motion lights are in between, with a panel that hinges or pivots on the light, but can’t be moved away entirely.

Consider what will work for your situation by asking yourself what type of sunlight is available where you plan to mount the light. If it’s anything less than full-sun, you may want to consider moving the light, or getting a solar panel that can be positioned independently.

Light Brightness, Direction, Quality

Think about the quality and brightness of the light that you want to have. Additionally, think about the amount of light that you want to cast, and whether a directional light (a spotlight) would be best, or if a wider, more diffuse light would be appropriate (a floodlight).

A strong, directional light provides illumination to a specific spot. This may be ideal if you have one or two “trouble” spots that you want illuminated. You may want to brighten a step or elevation change in your walkway so that you won’t trip when you are coming home, or you may want your front door highlighted to deter potential intruders. (This works especially well when you synchronize your lights with a solar gate opener or solar electric fence charger.)

For other situations, the best light is wide, though often somewhat more diffuse. Think, lighting up your entire back deck when you go outside so you can look for something without accidentally bumping into your patio set, or falling over a pool noodle into the water. Having a broad, diffuse light against the entire front of your home also shows intruders that there is nowhere to hide–no place where they can try to gain entry without being illuminated.

When you’ve considered all these factors, you’ll be ready to make a decision and purchase your new solar security lights. You’ll enjoy more safety and peace of mind at home without adding pollution, or the need for constant fuel or electricity costs.

Choose from the best outdoor security lighting with confidence, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a well-lit home with solar security lights that don’t rely on the power grid to provide you illumination and safety. (For more cool solar-powered products, check out our favorite solar parking-lot lights.)

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