Best Solar Shed Lights – Top Reviews for 2021

Whether you have a shed, storage unit, or detached garage, it’s likely that you will encounter difficulties in providing convenient, affordable illumination for it. If, during the day, there isn’t much need for lighting, nightfall changes everything. This is where solar shed lights can step up and give you enough visibility to prevent tripping accidents, but also increase the security of your perimeter.

Due to their recent increase in popularity, we’ve decided to review some of the best solar power shed lights and give you the information you need to choose an optimal product for your needs.

KYSON Solar Powered Led Shed Light (4 Bright LEDs)

FEIFEIER Solar Shed Light (2 LED Bulbs)

WOODS L-949 Solar Shed Lights (10 LEDs)

What Are the Best Solar Shed Lights in 2020?

Although plenty of customer reviews can be found online, it is never easy to tell which solar power shed lights are best for what. Like solar fence lights, some of them might be better outdoors, to increase visibility and deter strangers, while others are more suitable to light up your way through a clutter-filled warehouse. Scroll down to find out what products and features to look out for.

KYSON Solar Powered Led Shed Light (4 Bright LEDs)

Editor's Pick

Kyson’s solar lights for sheds is one of the most reliable and bright products of its kind. The unit features a bulb with 4 bright white LEDs that are tailor-made to brighten your barn stalls and outdoor walkways. Weighing in at just 1 pound, this product is both versatile and shock-resistant.

You can place it anywhere, even in a cellar, and run the pull cord through the wall up to where you want to position the panel. Sheds, gazebos, and storage units are some of the most frequent uses customers have found for these solar shed lights. The wall mounting kit for the solar panel is particularly useful for those tricky places.

One thing you need to remember about Kyson’s solar lights for sheds is that they need to recharge with the button set on OFF for two days. Trying to turn on the lamp before its batteries are fully recharged is likely to result in a lower battery lifespan.


  • Remote control and pull cord to help you find your way fast
  • Bright, high-quality solar power shed lights for a good price
  • Lightweight design
  • 3 meter (9.8 ft.) long cable


  • First charge takes a long time, ideally two bright days’ worth of sunlight

NATURE POWER 21030 Solar LED Shed Light (4 Bright LEDs)

Nature Power’s solar lights for sheds come in a close second to Kyson’s, as they are roughly the same price, but not as versatile as the former. Their drawback is that the wire connecting the panel to the light has a length of 32 inch tops (80 cm).

Much like the previous contender, this product’s bulb features 4 bright white LEDs that can be set on either low or high. This option is quite useful for those who want to save the batteries on their solar shed lights, but still have some visibility to comfort their animals or complement a surveillance system.

This hanging solar power shed light can also be turned on with the help of a remote control, but its lack of a hanging pull cord means that if you lose track of the clicker, you’re pretty much in the dark.


  • Remote control allows for fast and easy light switching
  • Bright, high-quality bulbs at a relatively small price
  • Slightly adjustable lamp wire and chain
  • High/low brightness settings


  • No pull cord light switch

TERA LIGHT Solar LED Barn Light

The solar shed lights from Tera Light are made for heavy duty use, such as flood lighting the deck, porch, parking space or back yard. Although more expensive, these aluminum-encased barn lights will give you an upwards of 1000lm, 1500lm, 2000lm, or 4000lm worth of light depending on the size you’ve chosen.

The 12 feet cable on these solar power shed lights will definitely be enough to connect the light pack to a southward-facing PV panel. In addition, the remote control will guarantee you have visibility before you have to go in blind and risk injury due to a fall or stumbling across something.

Unlike our top two picks, this solar barn light is tailor-made to significantly increase brightness both indoors and outdoors. The problem is that the solar panel is a bit too small for how much power you need to keep them on for as long as the Kyson or Nature Power lights.


  • One of the brightest solar shed lights
  • High-quality aluminum casing
  • Weatherproof connectors
  • Light can be turned on, off, and dimmed with the remote control


  • Solar panel is too small for how much power the LEDs have to deliver

FEIFEIER Solar Shed Light (2 LED Bulbs)

Most Popular

This release from Feifeier is a tough competitor to the first two products on our list, both in terms of affordability, as well as in what concerns quality of light. Overall, this is a value purchase because this version of solar lights for sheds essentially gives you two separate bulbs instead of lamps.

Each featuring a separate on/off switch, these solar shed lights are capable of illuminating your barn or toolshed for up to 5 hours if properly charged. Balconies, gardens, and yards are also top places where customers have successfully installed and used them. The tricky thing is that you will need to figure out some sort of place to hang them from.

An interesting feature for these solar barn lights is their ability to automatically turn off and on depending on ambient light, which can come in handy should you forget them on.


  • Two bright bulbs with 5 LEDs each
  • The product is waterproof
  • Can turn on and off automatically
  • Versatile in terms of where you can place it


  • Lack of protective lamp around the bulb
  • Off-switch right above the bulb

WOODS L-949 Solar Shed Lights (10 LEDs)

Best Value

Lastly, the Designer’s Edge L-949 solar power shed lights are our best value pick. You can place this light anywhere that needs a bit more brightness in the evenings, whether indoors in a chicken coop or outdoors in front of a barn. For their incredibly affordable price tag, these 10 LEDs pack a serious solar light punch.

The 16-foot extension cord (4.8 m) is long enough for the light to be installed in any place you can think of, as the sleek light makes it aesthetically pleasing regardless of where it is. Much like our quality pick, these solar barn lights have two brightness settings, which can potentially save a lot of battery life if a dim light is all that is needed. Although highly affordable, the batteries on this product won’t last as much as either of the other options on our list.


  • Highly convenient; can be secured anywhere
  • Sleek, aesthetic design that will also go indoors
  • Two brightness settings
  • Great price for luminosity


  • Lack of remote control might be problematic in certain areas
  • Installation might not be as straightforward as advertised

Why Are Solar Barn Lights Better than Regular Light Bulbs?

Why Are Solar Barn Lights Better than Regular Light Bulbs

Solar power shed lights are among some of the best uses for solar technology yet. These products can serve a host of purposes, but are particularly good at lighting those separate storage or remote housing units that would simply cost too much to connect to the grid. They go great with solar pillar lights placed just outside of a shed or barn.

Most solar shed lights can be used indoors as easily as they can be fitted outdoors. In the latter case, these fixtures are often sufficient to deter unwanted visitors, as well as provide you with enough visibility to complement a motion-activated security system.

Here’s a short list of reasons why you should go solar for your next shed light and never look back:

  • They are highly affordable for how much light they produce.
  • They save you money, both up-front (with an easy and fast installation), as well as in the long run.
  • They are versatile, which means you can often use them in different places, according to your needs.
  • Like solar gutter lights, they rely on a source of energy that is clean and renewable.

Where to Install Solar Shed Lights

If there’s one thing that customers don’t lack when it comes to solar power shed lights, that’s creativity. You’ll see them placed above garage doors, at the entrance to barns, lighting up spacious back-yards or even the entrance animal stalls. Given the sheer versatility offered by most products, there is literally no limit to where they can be placed. They’re like solar flagpole lights in that way!

Light up Your Car Garage

Many build a garage for their car/s after they’re done with the house itself. Whether to save money or because they think it’s not really needed, the problem remains that a detached garage will cost quite a bit to illuminate with traditional fixtures. This is a great way to use solar lights for sheds.

Most LEDs provide enough illumination to flood an entire deck, so they are more than enough to help you watch your step and safely drive your car in/out of your garage.

Find Your Way in the Tool Shed

Tool sheds are one of the handiest outdoor units you can build around your house. They can harbor everything from garden tools to lawnmowers, power tools, and everything that’s needed for something. Although they do offer the benefit of organizing all tools in one place, not being able to see complicates matters in cloudy days or come nightfall.

Much like with a garage, a flashlight is quite inconvenient, as you need to use spare a hand to hold it. This means that you can’t carry, organize, or work on something while you light your way. Luckily, solar shed lights are a convenient and affordable lighting solution for your tool shed.

Keep Your Barn Animals Safe

Some barn animals require a bit of lighting in order to feel safe or comforted. This is definitely the case with horses and cows, as well as many others. Enclosed chicken coops might also require some illumination, because it can be difficult to go around without hurting an animal in such a tight space. (You may wish to consider solar wall lights for situations like this.)

With several solar lights for sheds, no barn will be left in the dark. You can place them outside to increase visibility and, therefore, deter unwanted guests, but also inside, which will make it significantly easier for you to go around the place.

Before You Buy Solar Shed Lights

Before You Buy Solar Shed Lights

As we’ve indicated in our “best of” list, some lights are better suited for certain purposes than others. The goal is for you to figure out the best solar power shed lights by comparing the specs, pros, and cons of each product. It might be more time consuming than following ads, but it will certainly yield a better value purchase for you.

Number of LEDs

As you might already know, the number of LEDs will determine how bright your solar shed lights will be able to shine. Some manufacturers prefer to group 4 or 5 bright LEDs under one bulb for better protection. You needn’t be worried about such designs, as they seem to be just as efficient as the regular ones.

Resilience to Weather Conditions

Since you’ll most likely be using these solar barn lights outdoors or in places that are not necessarily weatherproof, you need them to easily withstand the elements. This means they must have a certain degree of resilience to water and temperature variations. Luckily, most products are designed with this in mind. Like solar lamp post lights, you’ll want to make sure that these products can take a beating.

Working Time

Although most people buy solar shed lights to use them on a “need to” basis, some outdoor uses might require an increased working time. Main entrances and back yards would likely benefit from being lit the entire night, for instance, as this will increase your security, as well as visibility when using them after the sun sets.

Montage Kit

This might not seem like an imperative feature to begin with, but ease of installation should also be on your list of most wanted features. You don’t want to call a technician just for this job, as this will increase the overall expenditures and lower your value for purchase. A complete montage kit won’t need any power tools or additional screws.

With this in mind, you now have a firm grasp of the complete list of solar shed lights features, as well as an idea of the most popular fixtures currently on the market. At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t really matter which or whether you go for an item on the list, as long as it meets your needs and gives you enough light. (For an all-in-one lighting solution, take a look at these solar lighting kits!)

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