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When you install a sign outside your home or business you want it to be visible day or night, and solar sign lights can ensure this and provide many more benefits. You want to make sure you aren’t going to be raising your energy bills in the process however. Whether you’re trying to direct customers into your business or making sure a delivery person can see your address, you should consider using solar lights for signage.

The primary reason you’d want to do this is obviously the reduced energy costs, as they power themselves using the energy from the sun. Solar sign lights require no complex installation or dangerous wiring setups. Everything is either wireless, or comes ready to hook up to a solar panel out of the box. Another reason you might consider these products is that they make any sign look its best, especially at night. You could even use them to accent smaller features of your home or business.

DBF Solar Lights Outdoor 18 LED Waterproof Sign Light

ALPHA 1200X Billboard and Sign Light

Homebrite Solar Powered Deck Wunder LED Sign Spotlight

Top 5 Solar Sign Lights

We’ve already mentioned that small solar sign lights can reduce your energy costs and beautify your home or business, but you want to make sure you’re investing money in a product that lasts. Like solar spotlights, because they’re going to be outside they’re going to be exposed to weather, making durability an incredibly important aspect to consider. You want to be sure you’re buying quality solar sign lights if you want them to last. We considered all of these things while we were reviewing different products so we could bring you the best the internet has to offer.

Homebrite Solar Powered Deck Wunder LED Sign Spotlight

First we have the Homebrite Solar Powered LED Sign Spotlight, which is very small but don’t let its size fool you. This little light creates a bright spotlight on any small area you might need. Illuminating signs, keyholes, doorknobs, or even building accents are a great use of this product. Requiring no wiring or intensive installation it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time setting up their small solar sign lights. Weighing only 8 ounces each, they are so light, even a child could carry them. It also turns itself on at night, and off during the day automatically so you don’t need to worry about setting up timers or forgetting to turn it off. Unfortunately, it’s very small so if you have a larger sign that you need lit, you might want to consider another product.

Where this product would work best:

Warning Signs – This light would probably best be suited lighting smaller signs that need a lot of emphasis or attention drawn to them such as warning signs.

Locks – You could also use this light to make sure you never have to fumble for your keys in the dark.

Homebrite Solar Powered Dual Sided LED for Yard Sign Lighting

Editor's Pick

Another Homebrite product on our list, this time the Homebrite Solar Powered Dual Sided LED Light. This is one of the more versatile products on the list, being both double sided and mounted on a swiveling arm this solar powered sign light can reach anywhere you might need it to. Even better it’s very bright and illuminates an 14″H x 3.25″W x 1″D area on each side. This light comes on automatically at night, so you can be sure your signage is being lit. And because it’s solar powered you’ll save money on your energy bill each month. It also features anti-theft screws which make it so no one can steal your property. Sadly, it’s one of the more expensive solar sign lights on the list.

Where this product would work best:

Commercial Signs – This light will ensure customers can easily see your businesses sign no matter what time of day or night.

Real Estate Signs – A great choice for anyone looking to create a professional look when selling their home.

Warning Signs – Because of the versatility of this light, it can be used to illuminate any sign you need including smaller warning signs.

ALPHA 1200X Billboard and Sign Light

Best Value

Next is the ALPHA 1200X Billboard and Sign Light from Solar Light Mart. This is a heavy duty light that’s powerful enough for commercial use, but priced for use in the home. With up to an astounding 1500 lumens illuminated, you can be sure your signage will be well lit. It also features settings for 1000, and 500 lumens if you don’t want it quite that bright. The ALPHA 1200X is also extremely durable, so you can rest assured it’ll withstand any weather. Made of cast iron and tempered glass, this solar powered sign light will never rust or easily get damaged. Installation is very easy, just attach the solar panel to the solar sign light outdoors or anywhere that gets sunlight most of the day. Unfortunately, this quality does come at a price as it’s the most expensive product we reviewed.

Where this product would work best:

Commercial Signs – This light is easily the brightest on the list, meaning you can use it to light even the largest of commercial signage.

Artwork – Because of the large size of this light you could use it to illuminate the side of a building or mural.

New Wireless Lite Watch Weatherproof LED Solar Powered Sign Light

The fourth product on the list is the New Wireless Weatherproof LED Solar Sign Light, which is by far the cheapest on the list. It’s probably best used for illuminating smaller areas, and smaller signs. It’s designed to fit onto any standard yard sign stake so installation is incredibly simple, just attach it and it’s ready to use. Even better, it works automatically without the use of timers, so you can be sure your sign is visible all night. The black plastic exterior makes it completely weatherproof and the integrated solar panel means as long as you have sunlight, you’ve got power for the night. Its small size could be seen as a benefit compared to other solar sign lights as it could easily be used to light a series of smaller signs, or double as elegant path lighting especially for its price. Unfortunately, if you have a large sign or a sign you need brightly lit avoid these small solar sign lights.

Where this product would work best:

Address Signs – This small light will ensure that anyone visiting your house will know what your address is.

Small Signs – Because of the size of this light, it’s best suited for illuminating any smaller signs you may need.

DBF Solar Lights Outdoor 18 LED Waterproof Sign Light

Most Popular

And finally we come to the DBF Solar Light 18 LED Waterproof Sign Light. One major benefit this light provides is how much illumination you get for the price. A whopping 600 lumens, and because this is one of the cheapest products on the list, you’re getting a great deal. Setup is easy, just unbox, screw in the provided stake and place in the ground. Weighing only 1.3 pounds this shouldn’t be a problem for most people. These solar sign lights give off a particularly soft, cool white glow which makes any sign look great. Made of an ABS thermoplastic material, this light will not be damaged in the heat, or by any inclement weather. Sadly because of its shape it creates somewhat of a hazard for lawn mowers or other lawn equipment.

Where this product would work best:

Real Estate Signs – A great choice for anyone looking to create a professional look when selling a house.

Commercial Signs – A commercial sign at ground level would benefit from the illumination these small solar sign lights provide.

Why should you use solar powered sign lights?

Why should you use solar powered sign lights

When you post a sign somewhere you want people to be able to see it day or night, and this is where these lights come into play. (For a similar product meant to illuminate paths, take a look at our solar path lights.) They provide attention grabbing emphasis on your commercial sign or home decor and at the same time save you money on electrical bills by charging in the sun when not in use. Also they work automatically, so you don’t need to mess with complicated timers or worry about setting up a correct schedule. The wide array of lighting styles available also means you can be sure you’ll be able to find a tone to match the color of your signage. Because of their relatively small size you can use them just about anywhere, even mounting some onto posts to give them more flexibility. That small size also means they’re incredibly lightweight so anyone can install most of them.

And finally, even before considering the savings these solar sign lights provide, most are cheaper than their non-solar counterparts. A nice side effect of using these style of lights is the environmental impact is very minimal, so you can feel good about using them (or related products, like these solar fence lights). Overall, there aren’t many reasons NOT to use them, other than the occasional maintenance issues and cloudy day troubles associated with them.

Solar Sign Light Decoration Ideas for Business and Home

So, by now you understand that solar powered sign lights can save you a lot of money, but you might not know how you can use them to make your signage or home decor look its best. First, just as if you were buying solar pillar lights, there are some things to consider. Pay attention to the color of your sign when deciding which light you want to buy as there is a lot variation between color tones with a lot of products. Also, consider the distance it will be from the sign or accent because you want to be sure the light remains focused on what you want displayed. And finally, consider any safety hazards the sign light might pose such as tripping, lawn mower accidents, or even small children running through your property.

After considering all those things, now you need to consider aesthetics. The obvious option is to use it to light a roadside business sign or sign in your yard but some more interesting uses of these solar sign lights might be to light a hanging sign outside a bar or salon, to showcase some artwork or a mural on your building or potentially alerting people to danger. Many of these products could even be used to light garden paths or emphasis a specific garden accent. You can even light up a flagpole. There are probably hundreds of uses you could find for these products just keep in mind they require direct sunlight most of the day, so keep them outside and free of obstructions.


Solar powered lights are a great investment for most businesses and homes, but you need to ensure you can provide enough space, pleasant weather and an obstruction free outdoor area with ample sunlight. Also your business should be aware of any potential liabilities using these lights may bring, especially in highly walked areas. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if installed safely. Another issue that may arise is that dust or debris covers the solar panel over time. Without regular maintenance you’ll see your solar sign lights efficiency drop over time. Finally, your solar light will not be lighting your businesses signage at night if it was cloudy that day, which might be a deal breaker for some people. But, If you’ve assessed all of these issues and still want to use solar lights then be sure to consider some of the products on this list for your next purchase when beautifying your business. (Looking for some all in one solar lighting kits? Click that link!)

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