Best Solar Spotlights – Top Reviews for 2021

Traditional energy production has been very challenging for a number of years. Everyone is responsible for our future world and the environment that we live in.

Becoming more responsible doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Solar lighting is a small investment towards a brighter and safer future. Through innovative products such as solar spotlights, it enables all of us to contribute towards a huge change for our world.

For many, the idea of switching to an entirely new light source can seem intimidating. Is a solar spotlight as reliable as its more traditional counterpart? Is it difficult to install and maintain? What is the best solar spotlight on the market and is it a good fit for my needs? The transition need not be a challenge. For answers to these questions and more, read on.

What Are Solar Spotlights?

Of all the inexhaustible energy sources implemented over the previous decades, solar energy has successfully been classified as one of the most effective. The best LED spotlights currently available for purchase are constructed similarly to traditional spotlights, but feature a self-sufficient lighting system and are primarily based on the “photovoltaic effect.”

First discovered in 1839, the photovoltaic effect refers to the property of certain surfaces to absorb photons of light and release electrons. The resulting free electrons are then captured and transformed into an electric current that can be used as electricity.

A solar spotlight is generally designed to include one or several LED lights, as well as a rechargeable cell battery and a panel constructed of several layers of material capable of the photovoltaic effect. During the day, the panel absorbs light from the sun, which is then converted into electricity and stored in the module’s cell battery. At night, the stored energy is used to operate the LED lights, thereby depleting the battery. The entire process is repeated the following day. The lights are often used to illuminate the viewing areas of solar cameras.

Why Should You Use Solar Spotlights?

Bright solar spotlights are highly versatile, serving multiple functions for both homeowners and businesses. Like traditional spotlights, they can be used to provide visibility in the dark , increase security within a certain perimeter (especially when synchronized with a solar gate opener), but also enhance the landscape. Unlike their traditional counterparts, solar spotlights get the job done in an environmentally- and budget-friendly manner.

MINI 50X Twin Solar Spotlights

SOLVAO Solar Spotlight (Upgraded)

AOOTEK 2 in 1 Solar Spotlights 4 LED

What Are the Best Solar Spotlights?

Comprehensive information provided for you will help you decide that it is time to switch to solar spot lights. Now, it is time to determine the best spotlights for your outdoor space. We have made it easy for you and provided the top five choices for solar spotlights currently available on the market. (Looking for another interesting solar security device? Check out our favorite solar fence lights!)

MINI 50X Twin Solar Spotlights

Editor's Pick

These elegant, high-power spotlights come in pairs, together with a remote solar panel that can be positioned anywhere in the garden. The configuration is ideal if you want to place your spotlights underneath trees or shrubbery. You don’t have to worry that the modules will not receive enough sunlight because the panel itself can be relocated in a brighter spot.

The LED’s are decently bright, at 60 to 100 lumens each, and they are self-operated by their programming. The battery is charged during the day and the lights are automatically turned on as the dusk sets in.

We’ve made the Mini 50X Twin Solar Spotlights our editor’s pick because they strike a perfect balance between quality, convenience, and price. Though they are not too expensive compared to other models, they are durable and ideally suited for outdoor exposure. As such, they are some of the best LED spotlights for purchase.


  • Adjustable LED's capable of producing a decent amount of light
  • Remote solar panel that can be positioned at a distance from the lights themselves
  • Built for the outdoors, with protective coating and durable LED lens
  • Made of stylish cast aluminum: light weight and an attractive black finish


  • LED's are not as bright as some other options
  • Some customers have reported that the spotlights do not last all through the night, especially if the panel has not received enough light during the day

SOLVAO Solar Spotlight (Upgraded)

Most Popular

These solar spotlights are super bright, with no less than 4 incorporated LED’s, each with an
output of 50 lumens. You can install them to highlight flags, walkways, driveways, and virtually any landscaping element. If, on the other hand, you don’t want their range to extend beyond a certain feature (for instance, the crown of a tree), you can always switch them to a Low setting.

In addition, each Solvao Solar Spotlight comes with a large, easily adjustable solar panel that is designed to use more of the sun’s energy. The panel is finished with a frosted coating to protect it from dirt and dust, while the entire module is built for all-year round weather, from storms to snow and even severe heat.


  • 4 Super Bright LED's working together for maximum solar output Adjustable brightness Extra large solar panel designed to absorb maximum solar energy during the day Resistant to all-year round natural elements


  • On its brightest setting, the spotlight might not last throughout the entire night

FROSTFIRE Landscape Spotlights

These spotlights from Frostfire are perhaps the best LED spotlights available on the market. They are built to last. Both the LED’s and the solar panel are waterproof and heatproof, but they are not attached to one another, which means that you can place the lights in bright and shaded places alike. Make sure that the panel is in position to receive optimal sunlight during the day.

Frostfire Landscape Spotlights come in pairs and are easily installed both on the ground or mounted on a wall. Their circuitry is all inbuilt, so you don’t have to worry about any cables or wires when you highlight your landscape. With several LED’s each, they are very bright solar spotlights, and they have been reported to last throughout the entire night.


  • Decent brightness that lasts through the night
  • Waterproof and heatproof build
  • Remote solar panel and LED's to be placed on the ground or mounted on walls
  • High quality components, resulting in a long life expectancy


  • Fairly high cost compared to other options

AMIR Solar Spotlights Outdoor 4 LED

These spotlights rank quite high on list of Best LED Spotlights on the market. They provide

many of the features the more expensive model possess, but at a very low cost. They come in pairs and each unit is attached to its individual solar panel, and they are waterproof.

The 4 LED’s themselves are quite powerful, with a total output of just under 200 lumens. Both the LED’s and the panel are adjustable for perfect positioning and maximum absorption of solar energy. The modules are easy to install and require no additional tools that are not already provided with the purchase. They can be positioned in the ground or mounted on walls with screws.


  • Highly advantageous price
  • Bright LED's that can be ordered in white or various other colors
  • Easy to install with no additional tools
  • Automatically operated to absorb sunlight during day and power LED's during the night


  • Materials are not as durable as with the other options
  • When used for the first time, it must be turned on using a slightly obscured button

AOOTEK 2 in 1 Solar Spotlights 4 LED

Best Value

These 2 in 1 solar spotlights by Aootek are just as impressive as the previous options in terms of performance and build, but the price to quality ratio is slightly less than average. Otherwise, each Aootek spotlight features 4 LED lights for a total of 200 lumens, and the module is flexible and can be installed both in the ground and on a wall.

The attached solar panel is fairly large and based primarily on monocrystalline silicon, but it must be placed in direct sunlight for the module to become fully charged and last through the night. The spotlight is programmed to automatically switch on and off during night and day, respectively, while the brightness can be adjusted manually to a low or high intensity.


  • Bright LED lights with options for adjustments in intensity
  • Flexibility in terms of placement, in the ground or on the wall
  • Automatically operated during day and night


  • Pricier than other similar options
  • Not likely to last through the entire night unless fully charged during the day

More Light for Increased Safety

More Light for Increased Safety

A well-lighted home or business is much safer during the night than an unlit property or area. If you strategically place spotlights (or even their more generic outdoor solar light cousins) around the property doors and first floor windows, you make it impossible for prowlers to approach points-of-entry undetected. The effect is not only that breaking in is more difficult, but also that prowlers are deterred from even attempting a break in.

Secondly, a yard or garden illuminated by bright solar spotlights is safer for all inhabitants of the house because it helps them avoid dangerous slips or falls during the night. Using well-placed lights along the patios, walkways, and steps, you can ensure that no one accidentally trips due to poor visibility. Clear visibility is also important when you own a business that is active during evening hours, such as a restaurant or a club.

Renewable Light for Sustainable Landscaping

A beautifully landscaped garden should be as impressive during the night as it is during the day. In fact, certain designed or natural features of the space can only be fully appreciated after the sun sets and nighttime ensues. Yet no one will be able to enjoy these elements if they are completely obscured by darkness: a task ideally set out for the best LED spotlights (or the similar outdoor solar floodlights).

Unlike traditional spotlights, the best solar spotlights are easily maneuverable throughout the garden. Their compact shape allows you to place them underneath a tree, behind shrubbery, or even among the flower beds. More importantly, there are no wires or circuits for you to worry about. Position the solar spotlight wherever you would like and enjoy as the bright LED shines through the branches or leaves for a spectacular effect.

Solar vs. Traditional Spotlights

If you compare the best LED spotlights with their more traditional counterparts, you’ll notice that the former are, by far, more advantageous than the latter. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Solar spotlights are eco-friendly. It might not seem one user deciding to switch to solar lighting will make any sort of impact on our world. Cumulatively, with all the other people who do the same, the total carbon footprint is significantly reduced.
  • Solar spotlights may seem more expensive initially, but they are actually more cost-effective long term. The technology is slightly more costly to purchase and install, but the homeowner or business owner will see the long term benefit of reduced energy bills.
  • A solar spotlight is easier to position and maintain. No wires or circuits, means no fuss. The spotlight requires minimal maintenance and will continue to provide light so long as it is exposed to daylight.

After the initial investment, there really is no reason not to make the switch to a sustainable spotlight. It’s best for the environment and for you.

Before You Buy Solar Spotlights

Before You Buy Solar Spotlights

There are a variety of bright solar spotlights easily available for purchase, while the competition is at the top of its game. Before you start browsing for the optimal fit for your needs, consider these next few things:

Brightness and Solar Lighting

First, you should bear in mind that, while the most contemporary solar spotlights are quite bright, they are not necessarily as bright as traditional lights. Calculate how much space needs to be lit in your garden or yard and purchase several additional spotlights in order to make sure it is well lit. Especially if you’re using them as solar security lights, you’ll want them as bright as possible.

Buying the Right Hue

The hue of solar spotlights is very important. Solar spotlights feature LED lights, which are usually sold in a bright white hue. If you’re looking for a more traditional incandescent bulb, consider purchasing solar lights with tinted covers. You’ll likely achieve the best results with those lights usual labeled as “soft white” or “amber.”

For gardens without direct sunlight

If the area you live in is commonly darker or gets less sun time, buy solar spotlights that can be detached from their associated panels. This will help you position the panels in brighter spots around the garden and relocate the spotlights throughout the space, according to your preference. (Looking for more decorative lights that go well outside near your garden? Check out these solar path lights!)

Choosing the Best LED Spotlights for You

Switching to solar lighting for your outdoor space is a big and important step towards creating a more sustainable household or business. While a lower carbon footprint is desired, it is natural to also want to make sure that you have nothing to lose in the transition.

Are you looking for well-built solar spotlight modules that last longer or is brightness a more important factor for you to consider? Is cost not an issue for you or are you on a tight budget? Regardless of the answer, the market for solar spotlight lighting is ever changing. The right fit is available for you to purchase today.

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