Best Outdoor Solar String Lights – Top LED Picks

Solar string lights are a wonderful decorative piece that can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of areas and events. Whether you want to beautify your porch, patio, veranda, balcony, or bedroom, the right string lights can make a tremendous difference. They are suitable for year-round display, but also for parties, weddings, holiday gatherings, and more.

In addition, solar-powered string lights are more environmentally-friendly and more cost-effective than their conventional counterparts. You can use as many as you like to decorate your home or business without having to worry about a hefty electricity bill or your carbon footprint.

BINZET Solar String Lights

Toodour Solar String Lights

Jiamao 2 Pack Solar String Light

What Are the Best Solar String Lights?

Fortunately, you can currently find and buy just about any kind of string lights. The latter come in a number of standard lengths, shapes, and sizes, as well as in different designs. Of course, when the market is so stacked with amazing products, it might be difficult to make up your mind about which option is best for you.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 indoor and outdoor solar string lights of 2020 to help you decide. (And if you’re looking for some larger outdoor solar lights, click our link!)

BINZET Solar String Lights

Editor's Pick

The warm white solar string lights by Binzet take the top of our list as an option that combines both quality and affordability. One string is comprised of 100 LED lights displayed along a 33ft (22m) cord. The same set of lights can be used to create different atmospheres and a backdrop that ranges from soft to playful illumination.

The lights are fairly bright and will stay on throughout the night on a full charge. They continue to function even in bad weather and can even be used indoors, although they take longer to charge in the absence of direct sunlight. Finally, the solar LED string lights by Binzet are more affordable than most other options on the market, which translates into an impressive quality to cost ratio.


  • One string comes with 100 LEDs and is lengthier than most other options
  • Durable battery and weather-proof build
  • Better quality to cost ratio than with most other options


  • Might work poorly in the absence of sufficient sunlight

Jiamao 2 Pack Solar String Light

Best Value

These solar powered string lights by Jiamao are the ideal choice to create a romantic evening atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. One string comes with 200 glass bubbles that are spread evenly across a 75ft lead cable. Delicately patterned glass houses the warm white LEDs and confers a diffused light quality for the soft illumination of a patio or bedroom.

The string lights have eight functioning modes that can be used to create the perfect setting for different occasions. The LEDs turn on and off automatically, while the solar panel can be turned off in order to conserve energy when needed. The solar panel is easily installed using a standard stake, while the lead cable is flexible enough to be bent around corners or coiled around objects.


  • Beautiful glass bubbles adorn each LED light
  • Eight functioning modes for different settings
  • Easy to install and flexible


  • Quality of construction might not be as high as with some of the other options on this list

Toodour Solar String Lights

Most Popular

These LED string lights by Toodour are made to look gorgeous both during the night and during the day. Each string features 200 delicate bulbs that house LED lights for a total of 73ft of cable.

The lights can be used virtually anywhere but will look best when decorating small areas such as pergolas, porches, verandas, shopfront displays, or indoor spaces. Their warm white hue offers soft lighting during the night, while their unique design draws the attention of onlookers during the day. They can even be used during winter to add a touch of livelihood to any design.

Eight different modes power these lights, allowing for a wide variety of ambiances and settings from a single set of lights.


  • A gorgeous design featuring delicate fairy lights
  • Warm white hue for soft lighting
  • The lights look great during the night, but also during the day
  • No wiring; very easy to install


  • Set might actually be too big for some people’s requirements
  • Pricier than other options

LEMONTEC Solar String Lights

Lemontec’s solar powered string lights are a great way to add cheer to any environment. Each string is equipped with 30LED lights housed in glass water drops and displayed along 20ft (6m) of cable. The LEDs are warm white, but they are contained inside multicolored glass for an eye-catching display. These outdoor solar string lights can be used to decorate any space, but are especially suitable for setting up a party or a barbecue gathering.

The solar string lights by Lemontec are easily installed by staking the solar panel into the ground and hanging the cable as per the customer’s preference. Once the lights are turned on for the first time, they become automated and begin to turn on and off on their own according to the amount of light detected by the solar panel.


  • Cheerful, multicolored lights; perfect for setting up a party
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Strong, weather-proof build
  • Each pack contains two sets


  • Lights serve a mainly decorative purpose and are not as bright as with other options

GREENCLICK Lanterns Solar String Lights

These outdoor solar string lights by GreenClick consist of 30 warm light lanterns displayed on a 22ft (6m) cord. The lanterns are made of a soft material that creates a delicate light glow and makes any space feel more intimate and festive. The LEDs are super bright, which means the string can be used for proper illumination, in addition to its decorative function.

The solar panel for these lanterns is equipped with a light sensor that is capable of telling the difference between night and day. As such, once the string lights are switched on for the first time, they will charge and operate automatically. Two different working modes, flash and steady, ensure that the lights can be used to successfully decorate for various occasions.


  • Beautiful soft lanterns for romantic settings
  • Easy to install and operated automatically
  • Made for the outdoors; completely weather-proof
  • Two working modes for soft or playful illumination


  • Not as durable as other options

The Advantages of Solar String Lights

The Advantages of Solar String Lights

There are several noteworthy advantages to solar string lights, including easy installation, water resistance, as well as improved energy efficiency for your home. Although some these benefits alone are enough for a purchase, others are worth a closer examination.

Energy- and Cost-Efficiency

Becoming energy independent is this century’s goal and these solar powered string lights can help you achieve it. Instead of being connected to an outlet, they have a set of batteries that get charged through a photovoltaic (PV) panel. As little as 5 hours of good daylight can offer you anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of a well-lit outdoor space, free of charge.

Perfect for Landscaping and Decorating

The ambient, warm glow of solar string lights gradually brightening as the sun sets over your patio or garden party creates and effect that no amount of landscaping can deliver. These lights, similar to solar rope lights, produce a magical atmosphere, which explains their sudden rise in popularity among wedding planners.

High Versatility

Speaking of weddings, string lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. The fact that you don’t need to connect them to an outlet basically means you can place them wherever you want. You can hang them on the inside of a beautiful marquee before hosting a dream wedding or you can create a fairy-like atmosphere in your child’s bedroom. For a similar look, try these Christmas string lights!

Can Solar String Lights Be Used and Charged Indoors?

Solar string lights, like solar hanging lights, can, in fact, be used both indoors and outdoors. The good news is that any form of light, natural, artificial, or a combination both, can be useful towards charging the batteries of these lights. The difference is that the sun’s rays are usually more powerful than the energy coming from an incandescent light bulb.

Provided that your indoor lighting is strong enough, you can, theoretically, charge string lights indoors just as well as you would in your garden. Regular bulbs might even be able to outperform the outdoors in bad weather. However, the difference is that you’re no longer saving energy when your PV cell is powered by the grid your bulb is connected to.

Most people use indoor lights quite often and, in this case, charging outdoor solar string lights inside is a great idea. The solar string lights will preserve some of the energy that is already being used either way.

Before You Buy Solar Powered String Lights

Before You Buy Solar Powered String Lights

Depending on their intended use, there are several features that must be taken into consideration before you buy solar LED string lights. For instance, lack of consistent sunlight should make you consider charging times more carefully, whereas durability becomes a particularly important feature for string lights that have to withstand various weather changes.

Charging Time and Battery Life

If you live in an area that gets at least 8 hours of sun every day of the year, then you don’t need to worry much about the time it would take for solar LED string lights to charge. Otherwise, this is a crucial element. (To see another product where charge time is a crucial feature, see our article on our favorite solar flagpole lights.) If the average charging time is greater than the average sun you get in your area, assuming good weather, then you won’t be using your solar string lights to their full capacity.

The battery life is just as important, since it determines how much energy can be stored and then used to light up your environment. The ideal option brings together a short charging time and as long a battery life as possible.

Cable Length and Connection to Solar Panel

Many underestimate the length of outdoor solar string lights. While they tend to be fairly long, each manufacturer and product has its own specifications, which means that a picture is often not objective enough in order to tell whether your solar string lights have the desired measurement.

Dimensions are even more important when you take into consideration the fact that these lights have to connect to a PV panel. If you plan on putting them outdoors or in a wedding marquee, then it’s crucial that you accurately take into account the solar string lights’ connection to the solar panel, which will likely be placed outside.

Just like you would with solar fairy lights, what you want to do is ensure that the lights cover your desired space, while the PV panel is exposed to enough natural or artificial light.

Light Modes and Durability

Durability is a core feature of solar string lights (just as it is with solar pillar lights). Particularly when used for outdoor purposes, these products have to be weatherproof and waterproof. Such features vary from one set of string lights to another, which is why it’s important that you make sure they can withstand some wind, but also tolerate heat, cold, and damp atmospheres without breaking down.

Although not as important, light modes are often a great way to create a unique ambience. For a party or a wedding, several light modes, such as sequential or in waves, will help set the mood, whereas a child’s room might benefit more from slow fade or twinkle illumination.

Overall, solar string lights are a versatile decoration choice both for indoors and outdoors spaces. Whether you’re looking to recreate a fairy-tale setting in a bedroom or give your garden a special glow during quaint evenings, these string lights are guaranteed to offer a touch of warmth to your favorite places. (Looking for some more cool solar lighting options? Check out our favorite solar shed lights.)

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