Best Solar Sun Ring for Pools – Reviews of 2021

If you’re the lucky owner of a pool at home, you’re faced with several costly problems that can be solved with solar sun rings. It’s a dream for many individuals to be able to walk outside into the backyard and see a sparkling clear pool of warm water welcoming you for a refreshing dip. If you’ve got an in-ground or above-ground pool at home, congratulations! You’ve achieved something some only dream of. But having the luxury of a pool does come with some responsibilities.  To keep a pool that is of the highest enjoyment for you and your guests, you should keep your water clean, full, and warm. 

If these are problems you’ve tried to solve, you’ve probably tried pool covers to retain heat and keep your pool clean. But pool covers can be such a chore to put on and take off.  You may have tried to heat your pool and keep it full but it’s such a pressure on your wallet to keep up. Using solar panel energy could work, but where are you going to install the panels without a disruption to your backyard aesthetic?  Solar pool rings can help you with all of these issues – and more!

Solar sun rings are discs of various makes and models that float in your pool collecting the power of the sun and using it to heat your pool efficiently.  As a bonus to this primary function, solar pool rings are an excellent way to reduce water and chemical evaporation from your pool, saving you money on both pool chemicals and water bills.

These solar pool heaters are often made of durable plastics that are inflatable or float in some way. Some are anchored so they will not blow away or separate on the surface of your water.  Others even include weighted magnets so that multiple discs stay together neatly and don’t float over one another. Toss several of these items into your pool and they begin to heat the water in your pool and protect it from evaporation.  For solar rings to do their best work, you should plan to use enough to cover about 70-80% of your pool’s surface area. If you’re pool is oddly shaped, no worries. You can use solar pool rings of multiple sizes to fill in the gaps if you want more coverage.

Solar pool discs are more efficient than pool covers and they’re frankly more convenient. Removing several of these rings from the sides of the pool is quicker and easier than the traditional cover.  In addition, leaving some uncovered surface area does seem to improve the natural ventilation of the pool water, making it difficult for algae, bacteria, or mosquito nests to form. Solar pool rings are an easy alternative to the pool cover and offer a more pleasing view.

Splash-A-Round Pools Solar Pool Squares

Solar Sun Rings Anchored Plain Solar Pool Rings

Natural Chemistry Ringless Solar Pool Heater

Top 2020 Reviews of Solar Sun Rings for Your Pool

In the reviews below, the highest priorities are considered:

  • Did the rings heat my water?
  • Are they safe? Durable?
  • Did the rings reduce water and chemical evaporation?
  • Are they easy to use and store?
  • Are they attractive?

Read on to decide on the best solar sun rings for your backyard dreamscape in the top reviews of 2020.

Solar Sun Rings Anchored Plain Solar Pool Rings

Most Popular

These pool rings from Solar Sun Rings float passively in your pool absorbing about 50% of the sunlight and converting it to heat that warms your water. They’re compatible with automatic pool cleaners and very easy to add to and remove from the pool.  Inflate several and place them in your water in the sun. Watch the temperature of your pool water increase.

These rings are made from two layers of UV-resistant vinyl and each ring includes six inset magnets to hold multiple rings together for a neater appearance, a more efficient heating, and it makes them easy to remove.  These magnets also work as anchors to weigh down the rings so they won’t blow away when the winds pick up.

These rings do not cover the entire pool like a solar pool cover which does allow some heat in the pool water to escape naturally, but it also allows for much better ventilation of water so bacteria and mosquito nests do not form.  If covering the entire pool is important to you, these can be used in conjunction with a pool cover for optimal effect and best coverage. Great for your in-ground or above-ground pools and jacuzzis.


  • Easier to handle than a pool cover
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Discreet color and design
  • An excellent option for odd-shaped pools
  • Inexpensive


  • Must be stored out of sunlight to prevent overheating
  • Requires inflation
  • Rings can deflate and require refilling

Splash-A-Round Pools Solar Pool Squares

Editor's Pick

Instead of solar sun rings for your pool, try solar pool squares from Splash-a-Round Pools.  These pool squares work the same as rings, using the sun’s power to heat your pool and reduce water evaporation, but these work great for pools with rectangle shapes.  These squares help to reduce the amount of space not covered by the rings to make a more efficient heating process. These also help to reduce the evaporation of water and chemicals in your pool, which can save hundreds in utilities and products.

These pool squares do not require inflation and are lightweight for easier coverage and storage than a traditional pool cover. These squares feature no-sink buoyancy and no-lift anchoring so your solar pool discs are always right where you left them. These square-shape sun ring alternatives are perfect for any in-ground or above-ground pool. Each solar square covers about 54” squared. Get a pack of 4, 6, 10, or 12  for the best coverage.


  • Fits right-angle pools better
  • Square shape covers more surface than rings
  • Won’t sink or blow away
  • No inflation necessary


  • No magnet system to hold multiple squares together

Solar Pool Flower 10-Pack of Solar Pool Flowers

If you want to use solar sun rings  to heat your pool, but you’re not fond of the appearance, Solar Pool Flower makes a set of lovely alternatives. Warm up your pool and appeal to your eyes with this decorative solar alternative.  The floating bed of flowers casts fun, flowery, shadows on the bottom of the pool.

These 22-inch solar flowers are made from durable recycled plastic and offer a completely safe and eco-friendly way to heat your pool without the hassle of a large pool cover. Sold in packs of 10 and offered in black or blue, these flowers will add degrees to your pool and look good doing it.  These flowers collect water in the basin which keeps them from blowing away when the breeze blows through. The vortex shape in the center of the flower draws cooler water up from the pool and warms it, sending the warmed water over the edges of the flower and back into the pool.

You can keep these in the pool while you swim because they’re not large and cumbersome like other solar sun rings for the pool. Just toss these in the water and the sun will begin heating the water right away.  No assembly, no maintenance, and these pool flowers stack on top of each other neatly for easy storage when not in use.


  • No inflation needed
  • Won’t sink or blow away
  • A smaller diameter makes these comfortable to leave in the pool
  • Very attractive
  • Very durable
  • No child/pet suffocation risks


  • Smaller diameter means you may need several packs to cover your pool
  • Occasionally tip on their side and bob like buoys

Natural Chemistry Ringless Solar Pool Heater

Best Value

If solar sun rings, squares, or flowers are still too much clutter and work for your backyard oasis, there’s an unusual solution: how about a ringless, coverless, invisible way to heat your pool with the power of the sun? Natural Chemistry offers an advanced mono-layer technology patented to create a layer on the water’s surface that collects and retains up to 70% of the sunlight.  This product even helps to reduce water evaporation and chemical loss.

Safe to use in any pool and with other products, the ringless solar pool heater has a neutral pH and is completely safe for pets, children, or anyone.  Add to your water and start swimming right away- no need to wait. The mono-layer technology keeps the product at the top of the pool and will reform immediately after you swim through it.

Unlike solar sun rings, the ringless heater covers the entire surface area of water which stops heat from escaping, keeping your pool even warmer.  Nothing to clean up, or remove, and the only storage is a 32 oz bottle than can fit easily with all your other pool supplies. Add a few ounces to your pool and it lasts all week.


  • No risk of sinking or blowing away
  • Invisible barrier with no need to remove rings
  • No setup, no maintenance
  • Reduces growth of algae and bacteria


  • Can leave an oily residue
  • Can cause filter clogging

SwimWays Solar Pool Rings

The solar pool mat from SwimWays is a dependable solar pool ring that inflates to a remarkable 66 inches to cover maximum space floating in your pool.  These mats keep your water warm by retaining at least 50% of the sunlight’s heat to be transferred to your water. SwimWays recommends using multiple mats that cover approximately 70-80% of your pool’s surface for maximum heat retention.  Keep your water and chemicals from evaporating and save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars you might spend on water, and pool chemicals; not to mention heating.

The solar mat is easy to unfold and refold for easy setup and easy storage that will require little to no maintenance. The best way to inflate this mat is with an air pump, especially if you have several. In the unfortunate event that your mat becomes punctured, SwimWays provides a patch and repair kit.  These come in packs of 2 or 12 so you can cover the size you need. Excellent option for in-ground and above-ground pools, alike and easy to remove before swimming.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy fold-and-store technology
  • Oval shape works well with many pool shapes and sizes


  • Not anchored, may blow out of pool in high winds
  • Requires inflation, and refilling upon deflating

The Benefits of Solar Sun Rings

The Benefits of Solar Sun Rings

Your pool loses water on a daily basis, whether through evaporation or splashing. No wonder it needs to be replaced. Heating up the newly added poolwater can consume a lot of energy. Solar pool rings can help warm your water faster and maintain that comfortable level.  They significantly reduce the amount of water and pool chemicals in your pool, helping you to save even more money.

One of the biggest complaints with solar pool covers is that they make for an environment where algae, bacteria, and mosquito nests can form.  Pool rings solve this issue too, buy covering only about 75% of your pool’s surface to allow for better ventilation. For more reasons why you should add  these solar rings to your regular pool care routine check out this list of advantages to consider.

Efficient heat retention

Solar pool rings are better than solar pool covers at generating heat in the water. By eliminating evaporation, it helps your pool retain the heat already in the water. Plus, the solar power collecting function insulates and generates additional heat to warm the pool. Solar rings are definitely more cost-efficient than using electric or gas to keep your pool at an inviting temperature, and doesn’t require a permanent solar panel structure to be erected in your outdoor space.

Reduced water and chemical evaporation

Another way that pool rings help you to save is by reducing the amount of water and chemicals that evaporate from your pool.  Individuals who’ve used pool rings over the course of the summer season have seen a 35 – 65% reduction in water bills. In addition to that savings, imagine if you didn’t have to add as many chemicals as often because they didn’t evaporate as quickly.  You can save on gallons of chemicals by adding solar pool rings to your process.


Depending on where you’re located, your pool can lose up to 6 feet of water each year.  Instead of using costly utilities to replace this water, stop it from happening in the first place. Solar pool squares and rings help you combat loss of heat and water because they act as a physical barrier on the water’s surface to stop evaporation.They’re typically made from UV resistant, high-quality vinyl or plastic, but if one is damaged, you’ll only need to fix or replace the one ring, as opposed to an entire pool cover, thereby reducing your waste, as well.

Increased safety

When a pool is covered completely, there are some serious risks. If a child or pet somehow falls into the pool or slips under a pool cover, it can be much more difficult to get out to safety.  It’s possible for the victim to become trapped beneath a full-coverage pool blanket. Additionally, a traditional cover can allow for the formation of algae and bacteria that can be unhealthy for you and your guests and difficult to clean properly from the pool to stop spreading.  Easiest to stop it before it starts, as you would with a solar birdbath bubbler.

Easy to store and to handle

Solar rings are easier to use because you can just place them onto the water with little to no setup. Many pool rings come with easy-to-fold functionality to make storage and usage fast and easy.  Others come with even more space-saving efficiency and take virtually no time to set up or maintain. Pool covers and other alternatives can be cumbersome to move and replace at night, and it can be a pain to store them properly in between uses. Like solar pool pumps, solar rings are a breeze to use.


More industries and manufacturers are embracing the development and need for sustainable products (like floating pool lights) that offer eco-friendly options for homeowners and renters alike.  Whatever initial costs you incur for buying solar rings will be made up 3-fold by the end of the season. You can contribute to environmental improvement and reduce carbon emissions starting with small green adjustments, like solar sun rings, that go a very long way. Looking for more awesome solar technologies? Check out these solar showers while you’re here!)

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