Best Solar System Bedding – Top Reviews of 2021

Give your kids cosmic comfort with these solar system bed sheets that are out of this world. Almost every child goes through the astronomy phase. The universe begins to open up to them and science becomes exciting and mysterious. They’re fascinated in astronomical ways, and many of us never really grow out of that.

Space enthusiasts of all ages love to show their passion for the solar system in the clothes and accessories they wear, to the games they play and shows they watch, to the decor in each room. Why not brighten the stars in their eyes when you give your young astronomers the gift of solar system blankets for their beds. In the following reviews, we selected some of the most popular solar system bedding. Read along and find out which items are the best design, softest comfort, and best for your budget.

KFZ Full Bed Sheets Set

Ambessone Solar System Bedding Set

Waverly Solar System Sheets Collection

Best Children’s Solar System Bedding – Top Reviews of 2020

Rest easy knowing your children love learning, even in their sleep. If your child is asking a lot of questions about astronomy and you want to surprise them with something new for their room, we highly suggest having a look over our list of the best solar system bedding available. Like solar gazing balls, these items can develop your child’s imagination even further while giving them a good night’s rest. (And for even more cool solar-themed products, check out these solar bracelets.)

KFZ Full Bed Sheets Set

Editor's Pick

We have selected this solar system bedding as our Editor’s Choice because of its superior material quality, simple and lovely design at a low price. These solar system sheets are recommended for young boys and girls, but the set comes in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes so these sheets are suitable for even the oldest solar system enthusiasts. The set includes 3 pieces: a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and a pillow case.

Considering the quality of these sheets, the price is a true bargain. These are made from polyester brushed microfiber fabric that feel silky and luxurious in summer to keep you cool and in winter to keep you warm and cozy. The Eqyptian-quality fabrics make this set resistant to wrinkles, stains, and fading. The background is a navy blue and the planets are illustrated in a realistic way.
The set is hypoallergenic making it the first choice for anyone in need of peaceful and pleasant sleep. It’s recommended to be washed in cold water and to be tumble dried on a low setting for a long-lasting quality and lifespan.


  • Luxurious and breathable material
  • All-season use
  • Machine wash
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to wrinkles, stains, and fading
  • Available in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes


  • Only 1 pillow case included
  • Only 1 color scheme to select

Ambessone Solar System Bedding Set

Most Popular

This solar system bedding is a perfect setting for the universe enthusiasts, and why not even future astronauts. The print shows the planets of our solar system together with the hottest star, the sun. Falling asleep between these sheets will make your child’s dreams come true. They will reach for the stars while they’re safe and warm in bed.

They come in three different sizes: Twin, Queen, and King, so that this wonderful design can even fit on the beds of teens and older children. This set includes 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow shams. The set can be machine washed without damaged or fading colors over time However, it’s recommended these be washed on a gentle cold water cycle for best care. Tumble dry low and iron as needed, but be sure to set your iron for microfiber.


  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Hassle-free side zipper for duvet cover
  • Made from sustainable, recyclable fabrics
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry
  • Vivid colors; no dyes; digitally printed


  • Printed on front side only

Sapphire Home 6-Pack Twin Size Comforter Set

Instead of reading a book to your child before bed, ask your child to read his or her sheets to you. This 6-piece set of solar system sheets illustrates all of the planets and celestial bodies that children learn about in school, plus it displays the word of each item in bright, fun, letters next to it. The background is a dark blue and the pattern on top is made of bold and vibrant colors that show all of the different planets in our solar system. The pattern also includes rockets, shooting stars, comets, satellites, and other fascinating astronomy items. Sharing some fun facts with your child might make them even more enthusiastic and maybe spark their imagination for exploring space, just before drifting to sleep.

The 6-piece set comes as a twin size and includes a fitted sheet and a top sheet, a pillow sham and a pillow case, a top comforter, and a small decorative pillow in the shape of a rocket. If you want to go a little extra and add a whole new look to your child’s room, matching curtains are sold separately. This solar system bedding set is easy to care for and it’s a fun way to engage your child’s creativity.


  • Comes with a complete 6-piece set
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Matching curtains available separately
  • 100% polyester


  • Only available in Twin or Full size
  • Colors made fade after washing
  • Some words are misspelled in the pattern

Dream Factory Outer Space Comforter Set

Let your child explore the universe with this unisex solar system bedding set. The unique design of the comforter comes in a navy-blue background with planets surrounded by stars, satellites, space shuttles and space probes. It is made out of 60% imported cotton and 40% polyester, giving a comfortable and soft feel. The rest of the sheets have a crisp white background with smaller images of planets and star designs. A good quality sheet starts at 180 thread count, which is the thread count for these.

Percale sheets have a one-over-one under weave design, providing a strong fabric. The number of threads used per square inch in the chosen weave represents the thread count. This solar system sheet set comes with 1 flat and 1 fitted sheet, comforter, 1 pillow case and 1 sham, and 1 bedskirt. This set is easy to care for and clean; just machine wash and dry with like colors.


  • Complete set
  • Cotton-rich blend
  • 180-thread-count percale sheets
  • Machine washable
  • Unisex


  • Colors can run upon first washing

Waverly Solar System Sheets Collection

Best Value

Discover our galaxy and inspire your child’s imagination with this solar system bedding collection. Or you can simply give it as a gift or make it part of a surprise home decoration. This set has an original space themed design of the sun, planet motifs, and constellations, presenting different star patterns on the dark night sky.

This reversible comforter has a black background on one side, and a blue one on the other side. The set comes in two sizes; Twin and Full. For extra decoration, you can purchase decorative pillows separately. This solar system bedding set is made from 100% polyester fabrics, which make this a comfortable choice for your bed and your wallet.


  • Reversible comforter
  • Machine washable
  • Inexpensive
  • Solar system patterns


  • 100% polyester only

How To Choose Bedding for Your Children

How To Choose Bedding for Your Children

Like picking some solar pebbles, knowing how to select the best bedding for your child might seem pretty simple at first, but there’s actually a good deal of information to consider. It’s important to include what they want when acquiring a new set, since they are the ones spending hours in their room, and of course in their bed. But if you want a new set of bedding for your child that they’re going to want to use for a while to come, don’t forget about these other important points:

Quality and Durability

Just like when buying a solar eclipse shirt, the first thing to consider when shopping for any bedding set is the quality of the material. This is especially important when it comes to children’s bedding because kids play hard and you’re going to want to make sure these sheets will last for a long time. Check the thread count if possible and find out if the fabric is 100% cotton, a blend, polyester, or something else. If your child has sensitive skin, opt for something like 100% cotton, or a fabric that’s hypoallergenic. Consider whether the pattern on the bedding uses a lot of dyes that might run or fade, or if it has been digitally printed to avoid that. Lastly, consider the weave of the fabric. This will often help you to determine how soft and strong a set will be. Egyptian weaves are very high quality, very durable, and they feature a satiny smooth texture.

Instructions for Care

Don’t make your life harder by accidentally getting a bedding set for your kids that is dry-clean only. Not only is that an expensive additional upkeep, but it can often mean a less sanitary bed since the task to get it specially cleaned will likely be put off several times before you really do it. Instead, get a quality set of sheets that will be easy to machine wash and dry. Keep an eye out for washing instructions; bedding is often recommended to be washed in like colors on a gentle cold cycle.

When drying, it’s usually a low-heat tumble dry. If you follow these care instructions, your sheets will definitely last longer because there will be less general stress on the threads in the washing process. Also remember to pick a fabric that will be resistant to stains, rips, and wrinkles.


Probably the most important point to consider for the comfort of a set of sheets is actually going to be which season you intend to use them, or if you intend to use them year-round. The fabrics you and your children may find warm and snuggly for the cold winter nights, is not going to be the same fabric you’d select for the middle of summer. Sometimes you’ll want soft, plush, microfiber bedding, and sometimes you’ll want the crisp, breathable, sheets of summer. If you’re hoping for year-round use, often times a poly-cotton blend will be a perfect in-the-middle fabric to keep your child comfortable in any season.

Sizes and Components

Before clicking BUY, make sure you’ve gathered all the information you need to make a purchase that will actually fit. Check the size of the bed, of course, to determine if you’re looking for sheets that will fit on a Twin, Full, Queen, or King. That takes care of the size of the sheets, but don’t forget the pillow cases. How many pillows will you need cases for? How many need pillow shams instead? New bedding should always include new pillow linens, as well. There may be other elements of the bed to consider, too. In many cases, a bed skirt comes with a set, or else it will need to be purchased separately. Lastly, check whether the bedding set you buy includes a comforter.

Comforters usually make the price of the set significantly higher, but if you don’t have a comforter, this could be a great deal for you to get one. If you already have one your child really likes, then don’t get a comforter, just get the duvet cover. This is a cover that typically matches the pattern of the bedding set. It covers over and zips around the comforter to make it match and feel wonderful. Plus, the duvet cover is extremely easy to care for; just unzip and wash. (And to make your little one’s sleep truly magical, add a solar light mason jar to their nightstand!)


Like with indoor solar lights, the prices of solar bedding can vary greatly. Which is always a good thing since it means no matter the budget, you can always find the perfect set. The way a fabric is woven has an influence on the way it feels. Even though cotton might feel a bit more expensive, it’s way more durable and even eco-friendlier than the sheets made out of polyester. So you might consider investing in quality and durability, instead of purchasing a cheap option that will need replacing sooner.


Selecting bed sheets is a little trickier than you may have previously thought, but with this review and buying guide, hopefully many questions have been answered and many mysteries solved. The easiest part – and probably the most fun part – of selecting solar system sheets for your child is finding exciting and colorful patterns they’ll love. If you really want to spark imagination and encourage the exploration of space and science, you’ll be making an excellent investment with any of these solar system bedding sets; investments that will show you return in your home linens and in your child’s future. (Looking for more cool solar-themed products? Check out these awesome solar lighthouses!)

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