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A solar system bracelet, also known as space or universe bracelet, can make a beautiful gift for you or someone you love. This trendy accessory is not only cute, it also bears a strong astrological meaning, and it might even have protective and healing properties. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s time to find out what are the solar system bracelets.

This fashion accessory is made according to the principle that you are the sun; the bracelet contains the planets that spin around it, as well as the moon, black holes, and other elements of the galaxy.

However, if you believe in astrology and in the healing properties of stones, you’d be surprised to know that not all space bracelets were created equal. Some may lack important astronomical elements. Others may not feature the right planet stones. If you’re not sure which to pick, find out below which is the best solar system bracelet for you.

SPUNKYsoul His and Hers Couple Universe Bracelet Set

Fesciory Solar System Bracelet

Believe London Solar System Bracelet

Top 5 Solar System Bracelet Reviews

In making our selection of solar system bracelets, we considered the stones used, design, and fit. While there isn’t a rule to tell which stones can be used for each planet or element, we only considered those bracelets made of stones with healing properties.

Because solar system bracelets can benefit all wearers, especially those that combine them with solar eclipse t-shirts, we also included models that are suitable for both men and women.

Value for money was also our concern, that’s why we also weighted in durability. After we checked the bracelets against the criteria above, we were left with the five solar system bracelets reviewed below. (Looking for more cool solar-themed products? Check out these solar shades and blinds.)

SPUNKYsoul His and Hers Couple Universe Bracelet Set

Editor's Pick

This set of solar system bracelets for him and her by SPUNKYsoul are our top pick for a good reason. They have a popular Universe design that is masculine enough for him to enjoy wearing it and feminine enough for her to love.
Coming with a meaningful card for couples in a long-distance relationship but also for all other couples, these bracelets are a great anniversary or birthday gift for your better half.
Both planet bracelets in this set feature all 8 solar system planets alongside Earth’s moon and Pluto, which is a quite rare combination to find in these products. We also like the stones that were used in the manufacturing of this bracelet, as they all have healing properties.

The bracelets also have a universal fit; the one for her fits ladies with a wrist size up to 6.25 inches, while the bracelet for him can fit wrists up to 7 inches.
Furthermore, not only you’ll get a meaningful combination of stones and planets, but each universe planet in this set also doubles as a diffuser bracelet.
Just drop your favorite essential oil on the lava beads, wait for a few minutes until the oil is absorbed, and enjoy the scent for the entire day. Keep in mind though that the manufacturer coats the beads for a darker appearance so you might have to wipe them with a bit of nail polish to make them more absorbent.
Coming in a stylish gift box, these bracelets are also safe to wear. They contain no lead or nickel, are stylish, and great to wear on all occasions.

Believe London Solar System Bracelet

Best Value

The Believe London Solar System Bracelet brings outstanding value for money. It’s not only the least expensive on this list; it features interesting stones selected to align you with the positive energies.

Despite its lower price point, the bracelet is made from highest-quality materials. Thanks to its strong elastic, you can wear it all day long in all peace of mind. The beautiful natural stones also have healing properties.
This space bracelet doesn’t double as an aroma diffuser though. If wearing all planets, including Pluto, is essential, you’re not going to like this bracelet. Although it features Earth’s moon and other universe elements, the dwarf planet is not included.
Despite a missing element, we truly like this bracelet. It’s simply beautiful and comes in a fashionable gift pouch. It also comes in three sizes or in variants with adjustable black, silver, or gold chain.

Another big point that made us favor this bracelet is the charitable view of the manufacturer. Believe London donates a share of its profits to children in need, and what better way to channel positive energies your way than by doing good deeds?

Fesciory Solar System Bracelet

Most Popular

Advertised as a women’s bracelet, but boasting a unisex design, the Fesciory Solar System Bracelet is undoubtedly the best choice if you want both a fixed and an adjustable diameter planet bracelet.

Both bracelets in this set have a creative design that doesn’t feature only planets and the moon, but also the stars. Like the bracelet above, it doesn’t include Pluto. Nevertheless, it has the other 8 planets made from an interesting selection of natural healing stones.

Both bracelet styles also feature lava stones that can easily double as essential oil diffuser once you remove the glossy coat with a few drops of nail polish.
The adjustable wax rope bracelet fits wrists between 6.2 and 9.5 inches, while the elastic string has an inner length of 6.25 inches. A nice thing is the versatility of this set that doesn’t come in a stylish package, but it’s still great as a gift for you and your best friend or better half. If you couldn’t care less about two bracelets but would like to save some bucks, know that you can simply get only the model you like.

Finrezio Chakra Stone Diffuser & Solar System Bracelets Set

This set of four beautiful bracelets is a nice treat for anyone who’s into yoga, Ayurveda, or simply believe in chakra and the healing properties of stones. Whether it’s a gift or you want it for yourself, you’ll be surprised by its versatility.
The set includes two solar system bracelets, one adjustable and one elastic, both of which feature the moon and all planets except for Pluto. Besides the universe bracelet selection, you’ll also get two 7-chakra bracelets that double as yoga aroma diffusers.

All four bracelets are handmade and include natural gem stones. The materials involved are of the highest quality, and they fit wrists up to 6.8 inches and 6.5 inches, respectively.

The really nice thing is that the set comes in two versions, one of which has space bracelets made with white beads instead of black. This is a nice variation of the original design that can undoubtedly satisfy a more thoughtful soul.
Greatly priced considering the value of this set, these bracelets are a great alternative to our top picks above.

Cat Eye Jewels Solar System Bracelet

The last on our list of the best solar system bracelets, this bracelet set from Cat Eye Jewels features all planets, the sun, the moon, and Pluto, and it fits all wrists from 6 to 12 inches.

It is a great choice for either her or him and coming in a set of two, it also makes a gorgeous couple’s or BFF’s gift choice. Just keep in mind that even if they seem identical, the two planet bracelets are quite different.
One features lava stone beads, and doubles as an essential oil diffuser, while the other comes with blue sandstones.

The bracelets come in various combinations of stones and colors, and even in versions with only eight planets. Regardless of your choice, they all come in a stylish velvet pouch and are ideal for anyone in love with astronomy, astrology, or the galaxy.

What Is A Solar System Bracelet?

What Is A Solar System Bracelet

Solar system bracelets are bead bracelets inspired by our solar system. The bracelet consists of a variable number of astronomical elements including the planets of our solar system, often the moon, Pluto, and sometimes stars and the sun.The immensity of the universe is represented by dark beads, usually made from lava stone or blue sandstone; these beads can also represent the black holes. The beads themselves look somewhat similar to solar pebbles, a popular garden decoration.

Because each planet is made from a gem stone believed to have healing properties, astrology, yoga, and Ayurveda enthusiasts believe these bracelets can channel positive energies towards the wearer, helping you heal your mind, body, and soul.Whether this is true or not, it’s hard to deny that there is something mystical about the space that attracts. This is why this kind of jewelry is not aimed only towards astrology and holistic medicine lovers. It also inspires everyone who loves astronomy or the universe in general, much like solar gazing balls.

Features To Look For In A Solar System Bracelet

Besides subjective considerations regarding the arrangement of the beads or the type of stones included, there are a few objective criteria you should weigh in before buying.

  • Beads – All solar system bracelets have smaller beads that represent the universe or the galaxy and larger, colorful ones that represent the planets. However, not all beads were created equal. Like solar system mobiles, some bracelets may have plastic, resin, or glass beads. While they can be as beautiful as those made from natural stones, they are not as resistant. If you believe in the healing properties of stones, these ‘fake’ bracelets will also bring no benefits.
  • Fit – There are two types of bracelets to consider, with adjustable string or elastic. The former usually fits more wrist sizes and is great for both men and women. However, the string may come loose during the day, and you could risk losing the bracelet. Elastic is a great choice if you want a snugger fit. However, these bracelets may become uncomfortable when worn for a long time.
  • Package – If you want to buy such an accessory as a gift, it is also essential to check the package. Some manufacturers pack their jewelry in stylish gift boxes or pouches; others just put them in transparent plastic bags.
  • Materials – Another important thing to consider is the materials involved, especially if you’re buying the bracelet for a child. While stones and string are usually of no concern, you should check if the smaller, dark beads are coated or not. If they are, make sure the manufacturer used a paint product containing no lead. If the item contains metal parts, such as stars or metal separators between the stones, check if they contain nickel (just like you would if you were buying a solar watch). Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, nickel can still trigger allergic reactions when it comes in contact with the skin for a prolonged time. If the manufacturer doesn’t disclose this information, we recommend asking before buying. Also, know that the elastic may trigger allergies in people sensitive to rubber or latex, so you should avoid it if you or the receiver of the gift have a sensitivity.


A solar system bracelet is more than stylish jewelry. It has a strong meaning and potentially healing properties.Undoubtedly, the best solar system bracelet is a great gift for space or universe enthusiast, and even for someone interested in astrology or alternative healing.We hope this article has helped you find the right pick, whether it’s a simple bracelet or one that doubles as a yoga aroma diffuser. Wear it all day long to attract positive energies, or put it on at special events to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Regardless of why or where you wear it, your bracelet will surely be admired. (For more solar-themed products, check out our list of solar lighters.)

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