Best Solar System Mobiles and Models for 2021

If you’re looking to add a creative new spin to your kid’s room, consider solar system mobiles! Our solar system is a beautiful, compelling subject – perfect for décor. Both mesmerizing in scale and sporting dazzling characteristics, a hanging solar system is an ideal gift for kids or enthusiasts like. To help you find a compelling gift, we’ve gone through and picked out some of our favorites for 2020 – mobiles with the safety and happiness of your children in mind. Some are great for nighttime comfort, others a lovely addition to a bright young astronomer! Whatever the case, there’s something for everyone.

2020 Newest Baby Night Light, AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector

4M 3-Dimensional Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

Crystal Ball with 3D Laser Engraved Sun System

Top 5 Solar System Mobiles of 2020

When considering our listings, we considered a few criteria: price, size, entertainment value, safety, and aesthetic. We’ve made sure we picked only the best for your loved ones, reaching a healthy balance of both value and budget. Some of our choices are perfect for hanging on the ceiling, and others make a great addition to your child’s bedroom desk/shelf.

Note that some of our choices will require a degree of assembling/painting. Always be sure to follow the given instructions carefully. (Looking for info about the largest planets in the solar system? Click here!)

2020 Newest Baby Night Light, AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector

Editor's Pick

It’s all-in-one suite of fantastic features and spectacular lights. The AnanBros projector is the perfect addition to your child’s room, ideal for nighttime relaxation with a host of options. This high-quality product not only comes it at a manageable price but includes a variety of easy-to-manage light options. Sporting a band of different colors, the Star Projector can be adjusted with included remote (32 feet range).

Worried about helping your child sleep? The projector includes a high-quality speaker with a list of included relaxing songs (or, you can add your own for true customization value). The total charge of the device is over 900 minutes and you can set a fade time for both lights/music. The patterns included are an array of stars and crescent moons, sure to capture the imagination of your children.

For the price, you’re getting a wide array of unique features, perfect for a gift or solution to those restless bedtime nights.

4M 3-Dimensional Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

Most Popular

Want your kids to take a more hands-on approach to the solar system? You may like this 3-dimensional kit, another fantastic mobile that’s both fun to build and fun to see
The mobile is an ideal gift and activity, complete with each planet, paint, brushes, and the necessary supplies to bring your own solar system to life. Each planet will glow in the dark, and the product arrives with a handy solar system poster – complete with various factoids and real photographs. All planets are snap together and when constructed, the mobile stretches roughly 28 inches in total width. It’s an inexpensive gift choice and sure to put a smile on any young astronomer’s face. A perfect opportunity to plan an activity while learning at the same time.

A great addition to your child’s room, either as display or for academia. Whatever the case, you’re sure to have a wonderful time building the mobile together.

Crystal Ball with 3D Laser Engraved Sun System

Best Value

Our next choice works both as a gift and beautiful display, ideal for your child’s nightstand or shelf. The Solar System crystal ball depicts the beauty of our system in an 80mm fixture, seated in a lovely glass sphere. The ball contains a miniaturized version of the system, along with clouds of stars to accurately depict the planets in all their splendor.

Additionally, the crystal ball comes with several light modes – a beautiful way to add character to your child’s room. Modes are either solid color (white, blue, green, red) or pulsing/flashing. The ball also includes a USB cable compatible with relevant ports, a fixture for Double AA batteries, and a touch sensitive power switch. The ball is made of durable K9 crystal with a transparent/gloss finish.

If you want a solar system mobile option which fits on your desk, this is a great pick for young kids and enthusiasts alike.

Planets Mobile - Hanging Solar System Mobile, Authentic Models

If you want to give your kids an authentic solar system, this is an ideal choice. Massive in size, this solar system mobile encapsulates each planet with breathtaking detail, while simulating the rotation of gravity. When hung, each object rotates at a pace similar to their real-life counterpart, adding a breath of life to this massive mobile. If your young astronomer at home wants perspective, the mobile perfectly visualizes the contrast of Earth against other stellar bodies.

Of our picks, this is the largest, selected for its accuracy. Useful for room or educational purposes as well. Each planet is made from paper gores and assembly is required (instructions included). One assembled, the item will rotate on its own, simulating the orbit of the system’s gravity.

ScienceGeek Kinetic Art Asteroid - Electronic Perpetual Motion Desk Toy

Perhaps you’re not looking for something as large as a solar system mobile to hang off the ceiling. If that’s the case, we’ve got a cozy alternative, fit for a desk, shelf, or surface to add to any astronomy collection.

This small, battery operated model simulates the movement of the solar system by rotating marble-sized planets on a metallic/plastic ring. This is accomplished with bearing weights and a battery charge. When powered on, the bearings will swing the rings in different directions, simulating the orbit and movement of planets. Setup is also incredibly simple with everything you need out of the box. Each planet is appropriately sized with colors coming in metallic blue, purple, green, and yellow.

It’s lightweight and a suitable addition to any room, desk, or shelf. An inexpensive gift idea, or something to add to your child’s astronomy collection!

Why the Solar System?

Why the Solar System

While there are lots of interesting decorations and mobiles you can find for your infant and/or children, they don’t capture the majesty of our beautiful solar system. The planets orbiting the Sun are as varied and unique as they are enchanting (which is why they make such great solar system bracelets) – each with their own unique atmospheres and characteristics. We all know of mighty Jupiter and its massive Great Red Spot, or Saturn’s breathtaking rings, or the rusty color of distant Mars. Bringing these objects into your child’s world can both capture their imagination and entertain them (not to mention teaching them a few things about our role in space).

With our choices, your child will get a greater sense of size and perspective, understanding where Earth resides in solar orbit, along with the unique role gravity plays. Some will even dazzle your child as they prepare to sleep or make a great family activity as you learn more about the solar system. If your child likes astronomy – or you want to encourage an interest in it – entertaining mobiles are a great way to get them started. (Want to find the best solar system puzzles? Click here.)

What’s the best choice?

With a handful of selected choices (and no doubt additional ideas), you might wonder which option best suits you or your child.

If you’re looking for an activity and a way to teach your children about the solar system, assembly mobiles are an ideal choice. Some require painting and a dash of creativity, while others can be assembled with the provided parts. You also want to consider size and dimensions. One of our picks by Planets Mobile is the largest, requiring the most ceiling/room space. Therefore, if you don’t have the dimensions required, you’ll want to stick with one of the smaller options.

Additionally, if you don’t want a hanging mobile, stick with the choices better suited for your desk/shelves. These options are battery operated and light on the assembly (if any is required). They make for great additions to a collection while still capturing the enigmatic beauty of our solar system.

What’s the safest choice?

If you’d like to pick an option suited for your infant/toddler, we recommend the AnanBros projector, as it’s controllable from a distance. Other choices, however, contain small, rotating parts which move. Like our favorite solar dancing toys, these can present a choking hazard for some. Others – such as with paint – are better suited to children 8 and older.

What’s the best value?

Lastly, when considering what solar mobile option to go with, consider what you want to use them most for. If you’re looking for something to help your child sleep, for example, you probably don’t want a giant solar mobile! If you’re looking for a solar model to accent your collection or make a nice gift/decoration, our smaller choices are good picks.

Additionally, like with solar system projectors, it depends on what you’re after. Our choices range from the $15 to $100 mark. If you’re not looking to break the budget, try some of the smaller mobiles. If you want a breathtaking ceiling piece, a larger solar system mobile is a better option.


The Solar System is a fantastic subject and capturing the majesty of our family of planets is sure to entertain anyone at any age. We hope you’ve found something to suit your fancy, and give your child’s room some delightful decor. Whether it’s for sleeping, collection, or hobby, there’s an option out there for everyone. (Looking for more cool solar system-themed items, check out our list of the best solar photography kits on the market today.)

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