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If you’re looking for a way to add to a young astronomer’s collection, or just want an entertaining activity, then solar system models for kids are the perfect idea. Fantastic for a gift or learning tool, a model can ignite your child’s imagination as they learn about our solar system while putting their building skills to the test. There are a range of different ideas, and you might be curious about the various options out there. In this article, we’ll select some of our favorite solar system planets models in hopes you find something for your family.

SmartLab Toys Solar System Adventure

Ioffersuper 1 Pcs Solar System Labs Solar System Planetarium Model for Kids

4M Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

Top Solar System Models of 2020

Ioffersuper 1 Pcs Solar System Labs Solar System Planetarium Model for Kids

Most Popular

Our first choice is an inexpensive solar system planets model suited for all ages, depicting each planet (and the sun) with accurate detail. Each planet sits on a plastic axis – all mobile – simulating the gravitational orbit of its respective sphere.

This is a perfect solar system model for kids, as it doubles as both a collector’s item and activity. Children will receive everything they need to set up and create each of the planets, along with brushes and water-based non toxic paint. This also teaches them patience and construction skills, giving them an opportunity to build a mobile while unleashing their creativity. Once completed, it makes a wonderful addition to an astronomy collection, or, a suitable desk buddy.
This is a non-electric model and not suitable for children ages 3 and under.

Learning Resources Giant Inflatable Solar System, 12 Pieces, 8 Planets

What’s a great way to learn about the size of a planet? Well, having one in your hand certainly helps! With this kit, kids receive an entertaining assortment of inflatable planets, all meant to simulate the size and dimensions of their real-life counterpart.

Fantastic as both collector items and educational tools, purchasers will receive several inflatable planets, complete with comparable dimensions (for instance, the sun is the largest object in the collection). You’ll also receive a handy air-pump. Each of the planets is made of durable material, good for a single child or even a classroom! With these objects, you can simulate the orbit and dimensions of our solar system, while giving your children a charming gift.

This solar system model for kids is best for ages 5 and up.

4M Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

Best Value

Here’s an inexpensive solar system model for your child which doesn’t require as many supplies as the other choices (no paint). Still, as a small model mobile, it’s still educational and provides you everything you need to create a rotating work of art. The mobile provided comes with several plastic limbs and flat portrayals of the Solar System. What’s nice about this one, however, is each one glows in the dark. A perfect addition to your kid’s room for that extra touch of astronomy, or a fun activity to do with them on those lazy weekend evenings.

A nice addition is the inclusion of a diagram showcasing the solar system, allowing your kids to learn about the sun and planets, their orbit, rotation, and role. Upon finished assembly, product reaches 16×16 dimensions. Because of the assembly and products included, recommended for ages 8 and up.

SmartLab Toys Solar System Adventure

Editor's Pick

One of our favorite choices, a great solar system model gift for kids. This product comes with all sorts of goodies, including a solar system mobile that lights up and a model of the Curiosity rover. The mobile rotates and simulates orbital movement of our solar system, each planet color coded and named on its respective plastic arm. This will not only teach your kids about the planet names and their position in the solar system, but provide an accurate portrayal of gravitational orbit.

The solar system planetarium snaps together and lights up (with battery). That’s not all, however. As mentioned, this model also arrives with a mini-replica of the Curiosity rover, available in snap-in plastic pieces. For a final bit of value, children also receive a poster sporting all the planets, sun, and asteroid belt, complete with quick factoids about the stellar bodies.
A fantastic choice for both collector purposes and entertainment value, your child will find hours of enjoyment from assembling their own solar system model, along with a rover.

Furniture Life 3D Crystal Ball with Solar System Model

If you’d like to get a solar systems planet model that’s perfect for a collection, our choice here is the ideal pick. This crystal ball requires no major assembly but depicts the system in all its beauty. Each planet is seated in a sphere of high quality K9 crystal, shaded appropriately and hung in orbit – accurate to its position in the solar system. Even moons are appropriately presented here, positioned on orbit circuits, showcasing where planets are in association with their real-life counterpart. Each planet shows its name too, allowing your children to identify each one.

The package arrives in a quality box, while the crystal sphere is seated in furnished wood. A beautiful accent to your child’s astronomy collection – or the beginning of one! As a miniature solar system planetarium, it’s suitable for desks, tables, bookshelves, and dressers!

But that’s not all, included is a charger for lighting. When turned, this sphere ignites in spectacular fashion, showcasing a variety of colors. This allows you to see each planet and accompanying stars, truly giving you the impression you’ve got a piece of the cosmos sitting in your child’s room.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Glow-in-The-Dark Solar System

Our last pick is an optimal choice if you’re looking for an accurate representation of the solar system, but want to avoid a complex setup. Included are the planets, each one bearing a ring for hanging on any ceiling, accenting rooms with a charming astronomy-based touch. The nice thing, however, is these objects glow in the dark, simulating the charm of the night sky in your child’s room!

These are a great easy choice for a solar system planets model, all colored and uniquely sized like their respective planet. No assembly is required beyond setting up the lines needed to hang up each planet. Each piece is made with plastic and glows respectively when exposed to enough light. Good for ages 4 and up.

Why solar system models for kids?

Why solar system models for kids?

So what’s the big deal? Why choose a solar system mobile as a gift for your young ones over something “electronic?” While it’s true you can engage a child with some online overviews of the solar system, getting them a model provides a whole slew of benefits.

For one, models challenge your child with attention building skills. For a certain period of time, they must concentrate on a specific task while simultaneously building a solar system, learning about the position and framework of our solar system. This hands-on approach will help them identify each of our planets, their position in the system, and how their size relates to our Earth.
Models also capture creativity and help your child think in unique ways.

For instance, some of our choices include painting supplies, engaging your kid with imaginative methods. Solar system planet models also help your child picture how each planet looks, both in size and hue. This helps with memory retention. It’s easier to remember Saturn with its great rings or the smaller red Mars when you’ve painted it!

What’s the best solar system model?

Like with solar system bracelets, there’s no best solar system mobile or choice. Certain ones will fit particular needs. Like we’ve mentioned, certain models are best for different age groups. You don’t want to say, purchase a model requiring painting for a young infant (although our list above isn’t generally suitable for toddlers).

Ask yourself how long you’d like your child to spend on a specific model? Do you want it to be an extended learning activity, or something for them to enjoy while doubling as decor for their room? Some of our choices fit specific criteria.

For instance, some of the solar system models for kids require assembling. Our Editor pick boasts an impressive mobile and a rover, which will delight your child and add to their collection (or again, start a new one). But, this is only suitable for certain ages, primarily because it has a variety of parts which requires a certain degree of concentration. Additionally, small parts are easier to lose, so take this into account.

Maybe you want something easier, or, gift capturing your child’s imagination while doubling as a teaching utility. If that’s the case, completed models or replicas of the solar system are also a good choice. (So are solar system bedding sets for that matter.)

Always be sure to check the specifications for each of the models, as some are suitable for certain age groups. We don’t recommend getting models for young infants, as there are many small parts and choking hazards. Some objects are also fragile, so should be taken care of once assembled.

What gets you the most value?

As you seek out the best solar system model for kids, you’re not just looking for something to busy them for a few hours. You’ll want – we imagine – something with long lasting value, which can entertain and teach them for an extensive duration. And, it doesn’t hurt when the model makes a fine addition to someone’s room!

When considering which model to get, keep a few things in mind: how much assembly is required and how long will it take? Models which need painting take more than just a brush. They’ll need to be put together, the proper paint techniques/colors, and then time to dry. Then, they can be assembled on their rotating mobile.

Or, some of our choices (like the inflatable planets) won’t take long at all, while providing a reasonable estimation of the planetary sizes present in our solar system. These are good for teaching your children the general estimated size of the planets, or, giving them a way to compare/contrast how Earth looks to the rest of the stellar bodies. However, being that they’re inflatable spheres, they may only be useful for a few days, better suited to an education environment.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a solar model planetarium, remember what options suit you and your child best.

Are they good for teaching?

Are they good for teaching?

Though solar system models for kids, like solar gazing balls, make excellent gift ideas or something to plan out for an activity, they are – as you can imagine – excellent learning tools. Whether one-on-one or for a classroom, some of our selected choices are great for a classroom environment.

Smaller models and mobiles can work well for group projects, allowing students and children to piece together their very own solar system. The included maps and posters also help early learners identify planets and learn where their place is relative to the solar system. You can also teach students about the constellations and orbital patterns.

On their own, these concepts can be difficult to visualize. Gravity can seem abstract when discussed, so having a visual aid greatly increases retention and learning capabilities.


Now that you’ve taken a look at our list, you should have a better idea of what choices bet suit your child for both building and enjoyment. Each selection fits different skillsets and criteria, some better for a quick activity and others more hands on projects. However, we’re confiding you’ll find something to enjoy and hope these solar system models for kids spurs a creative interest in astronomy! (Looking for more great solar-themed gift ideas? Check out our solar shades and blinds here!)

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