Best Solar System Puzzles for Kids

The solar system provides ample opportunity to learn about space and Earth’s role in it, and a great way to learn about it is with solar system puzzles for kids! This is a fantastic way to challenge yourself or your kids with a great activity. Not only will you have a manual challenge for the evening, but also something to do with the family! Solar system puzzles are a perfect option then, both entertaining and educational about the planets and moons next door.

As you can imagine, though, there are a lot of options out there, fit for different age groups and hosting various challenges. We’ve put together some of our favorites for 2020, in hopes you’ll find something to enjoy!

Ravensburger Solar System Puzzle - 300 Piece

MasterPieces Explorer Kids - Solar System

Mudpuppy Solar System Puzzle – 70 Piece

Top 5 Solar System Puzzles for 2020

Ravensburger Solar System Puzzle - 300 Piece

Most Popular

Our first choice finds a good balance of both challenge and entertainment, suited for any age group. This is because each piece is large and smooth, both easy to put together and visually striking. The smooth surface allows for ease of assembly and the sheen-finish prevents damage, each piece crafted with durable paper material for long term use.

The total size of the puzzle means your child will have something to focus on. When finished, the puzzle depicts the majesty of our solar system, showing all planets, some moons and the sun. Despite their size, each piece is shaped perfectly and will fit with snap precision.

Once completed, the total size of the puzzle is 19.5 x 14.25 inches. Suitable for ages 9+ up. Great for a gift idea, a family activity, or even a classroom! Overall, a good solar system puzzle for kids.

Mudpuppy Solar System Puzzle – 70 Piece

Editor's Pick

If you’re looking for an easier option for a younger audience, the Mudpuppy solar system puzzle is an excellent alternative.

This seventy-piece puzzle not only showcases the grandeur of the sol system, but also represents the associated constellations and star systems present in the night sky. Breathtaking artwork forms a sequence of star patterns, bringing imaginative life to planets, the sun, constellations, stars, and astronauts. The puzzle is also front and back, so it’s easy to assemble once out of the box!

Material is non-toxic and made with recycled paper, along with a high-quality finish. This means it’s safe for your kids and long lasting (provided it’s taken care of), ensuring the spectacular artwork doesn’t wear down over time.

All planets/objects are multilanguage (English/Spanish) and when assembled reaches dimensions of 23 x 16.5. Perfect for young ones who want to challenge themselves, or can be done with friends/family.

MasterPieces Explorer Kids - Solar System

Best Value

Another ideal choice for young ones, the Explorer solar system floor puzzle kit comes with 60 artful pieces ready for assembly out of the box. Aside from having cute, engaging art depicting the system and planets, these pieces are unique because they glow in the dark! Suitable for young ages (4 and up), your children will delight at the challenge of forming the solar system right before their eyes – at any time of day!

Good for an inexpensive and educational gift, a great addition to a young enthusiasts’ collection. Additionally, this puzzle comes included with the Puzzle App for more engaging experiences. A good fit for younger ages looking for an introduction to larger puzzles and the solar system.

Planets in Space Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000 Piece

Now the ultimate challenge! This pick is made for those ready to put their skills to the test, a massive 1000-piece puzzle comprised of non-toxic material. The gorgeous vista depicts astronauts on the Moon with an incredible view of the Solar System, including all related planets, moons, and asteroids. Kids will be delighted to see each planetoid and lunar object brought to life in spectacular, artistic detail – coming together as they engage in a high-concentration activity.

A good floor/table puzzle, once completed the dimensions come in at 27.56 x 19.69. If you’re looking for an evening to truly challenge your time, concentration, and puzzle abilities, this is the best choice! Your kids will be put to the test as they learn more fascinating facts about our solar system.

Why get a solar system puzzle?

Why get a solar system puzzle

Let’s say you’ve already gotten your son or daughter some solar system bedding and are looking for that next toy. It’s easy to find activities and distractions for your kids today with all sorts of entertainment means. From smartphones to mobile devices, there are plenty of virtual options to busy the mind. However, not all entertainment is good for the brain and doesn’t necessarily nurture concentration. Puzzles are unique in that they force someone to concentrate on a specific problem and work to solve the issue using spacial awareness and critical thinking skills.

Once more, as your child starts to construct the puzzle, they’ll begin learning about the nature of our solar system, much like they would with these solar system bracelets.

While one can look up facts online, putting into practice what you discover helps memory retention. Your child will fit together bits of the solar system, getting familiar with the planets, asteroid belt, sun, and machines used to explore space. In turn, this can ignite a fascination with astronomy, or, add to your kid’s already growing enthusiasm for learning about the cosmos. (Looking for more great solar-themed educational toys? Check out these solar robot kits.)

What to look for in a solar system puzzle for kids?

If you like our selections thus far, you’re sure to find something suiting the needs of your children for an afternoon activity. But, if you’re still plagued with questions or on the prowl for other solar system based puzzles, we have a few tips to help you along. (And don’t forget to add a solar eclipse t-shirt while you’re at it!)

Like with choosing solar gazing balls, understand what you’re looking for with a solar system puzzle. Is it something for a brief afternoon activity, or do you want to help educate your child on details of astronomy, specifically the Sol System? Depending on the puzzle size, it can take an hour or several, so look at the details accordingly. The more pieces there are, naturally, the more complex the puzzle is. Additionally, the more pieces, the smaller they are, meaning infants and younger toddlers should not use the puzzle (they may swallow it).

Today, most puzzles are made under certain specifications – including the material. Recycled paper and non-toxic coloring is a must. Yes, the solar system is indeed a beautiful thing to behold and the planets are colorful, but you don’t want to expose yourself to toxic paint particles. Most jigsaw puzzles follow this regulation, but double check to be certain.

What’s the best setup for a puzzle?

What’s the best setup for a puzzle

You might not think a prep area is necessary for puzzles, but in fact, it’s a good idea to figure out the play area before getting started. We recommended supervising your children (or working with them) during construction of the puzzle. Even larger pieces can get lost easily. Additionally, puzzles should be made on a flat surface that’s well it. This allows you to separate the unused pieces into a pile and section for what’s already completed. Whether by yourself or with others, it’s easy for small fragments to get lost, and you can’t finish a puzzle if you don’t have all the pieces! Like with solar eclipse stamp collecting, you’ll need some room for your hobby.

What will my child learn?

We’ve already mentioned how useful a puzzle is for increasing concentration and critical thinking skills. But along with those, your child will learn about the solar system.
For instance, you’ll notice accurate puzzles no longer include Pluto as part of the “system,” as it’s considered an icy planetoid. They’ll also learn things like the size of planets like Jupiter/Saturn in relation to Earth. Space – much less the solar system – is a difficult concept to imagine all in one ago, especially when you consider things like stars and constellations. However, a puzzle will focus their attention, giving them a hands-on approach to the stellar bodies in our system.


Puzzles might seem like an “old hat” when it comes to entertainment, but they’re an excellent, inexpensive activity you can do with your kids and family. Not to mention, they’re a quiet, peaceful activity helping concentration skills while teaching children about our solar system.
If you’ve been looking for a break from electronics or want to teach your child with a different method, consider our top puzzle picks for 2020. There’s a selection for any age – whether you’re after a casual evening or something to truly test your wits. (Looking for some more great solar-themed educational materials? Check out these solar photography kits.)

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