Best Solar Trail Cameras – Top reviews of 2021

In 2020, your choice of solar-powered game and trail cameras for hunting has become more difficult simply because of an expanded array of options. The only way they could be better is if they didn’t require batteries or a wall-socket to run. What’s that you say? There are solar-powered options that don’t need either of these things? And I’m extremely handsome? Well, thank you, anonymous stranger!

Solar-powered wireless game cameras allow you to keep a remote eye on the trail for as long as the sun shines and the rivers flow. Simply put, just stick them anywhere they can see the sun and they’ll keep tracking the trail. They don’t require any alternative forms of charging or electricity nor do they have to be plugged into a wall socket if they’re in sight of the sun.

What you’re looking for in a solar-powered trail and game camera will remain pretty much constant. However, there are some differences between the available products to keep in mind. Use your judgment to determine what you need and which solutions would best serve those needs. We’ll identify some features you should keep in mind at the bottom of this article after we list our recommendations.

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera

MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

Kuool P3 Trail Camera

What Are the Best Solar Trail and Game Cameras For Sale in 2020?

Kuool P3 Trail Camera

Best Value

This game and trail camera tracks all manner of wildlife and snaps clear and vivid photos of them in the day or night.

Users report that the unit is durably built and works like a dream. Some do not that they had difficulty getting the right rechargeable batteries for this unit (they have to be shipped from China).

This solar weather station has won our “Best Value” designation because of its combination of low price and rich feature set.


  • Versatile functionality
  • Reliable


  • Requires special rechargeable batteries from China

TEC.BEAN Trail Camera

Editor's Pick

This superlative trail and game camera isn’t just for hunters. Photographers with an interest in nature, people seeking a security device, and myriad other people could make tremendous use of this versatile and effective game camera.

While the general consensus is that this is a reliable unit with good weatherproofing, a few users have reported difficulty in understanding its user manual. Written in poor English, some users indicate that it was so difficult to make sense of as to be effectively useless. That being said, since the unit is so simple and straightforward to operate, this shouldn’t pose a significant problem for many people.

This powerhouse of a solar-powered trail and game camera wins our coveted “Editors Choice” award for its unique combination of features, good value, and powerful versatility. There’s not a lot this unit cannot do.


  • Fantastic photos


  • Difficult to understand the user manual

WingHome Trail Camera

This superb little beauty has a price that has to be seen to be believed. Coming in at less than $86, this unit has all of the functionality of devices twice its price. Clear pictures, reliable and durable construction and good night vision combine to make this one of the best solar powered trail cameras money can buy.

The solar powered game camera has won our elusive “Best Value” award because of its unique combination of excellent camera and motion sensing capabilities, reliability, and unbelievable price.


  • Works like a dream for hardly any money


  • None

Spypoint Solar Dark Trail Camera

Spypoint, one of the leading brands in solar powered trail cameras, offers this kit complete with batteries, SD card, card reader, and mount. The high-powered camera captures equally high-powered images day or night, and a detection range of 110 feet means you’ll be capturing all sorts of fantastic pictures.

There are time-lapse and multi-shot modes, and even AI to automatically categorize images of buck and turkeys into separate folders.


  • Excellent AI
  • Multiple modes and functions


  • Relatively high cost at just under $200

MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

Most Popular

This unique game and trail camera comes complete with its own separate solar panel to charge the unit when the sun is out. A 12-megapixel camera ensures that any photos taken are sharp and crystal-clear and an IP66 waterproof rating combines with shockproofed and rustproofed durability to ensure that this unit won’t fail on you when you need it the most.

Along with the Amazon’s Choice designation, this unit wins our coveted Most Popular award, with 30 users giving it an average of 4.5 stars, likely because of the aforementioned reliability and excellent camera.


  • Great user reputation
  • Excellent camera


  • Solar panel housing isn't camouflaged

Features To Consider

Best Solar Game and Trail Cameras Features To Consider

Before you put one of these in your solar backpack and trek it out to your favorite trail, you’ll want to keep the intended recipient and likely installation location in mind. If you’re buying the unit for your country home, you may want to grab a different unit than if you’re getting it for city property.

Ease of Installation

Just like with solar filters for cameras, the typical consumer is looking for a product that is easy to install and maintain. Luckily for that consumer, all of the products included on this list are “plug and play” (so to speak.) Just stick them in the sun and watch them go. However, you will need some knowledge about wifi technology to make them work properly, so use care to select an item with good technical support if that’s a subject you lack skill in.


The sensors and base unit will need to go somewhere, so, if they’re sitting on the ground, make sure there’s enough room where you want to put it. If you want to attach either the base units or solar panels to a wall, roof or tree, ensure you have the correct fasteners and that you won’t be doing any lasting damage to the surfaces when you install them.


Like with solar binoculars, You don’t want to buy a solar-powered game camera only to have it fail in a couple of days. You want these units to work for as long as the sun rises. Luckily, all of the products on this list will meet that criterion.

Style and Color

If this unit is going to be anywhere that you or your guests can see it, you’ll want to make sure that the aesthetics of the product you choose are acceptable to you. These products, though functional, might not go with everything in your yard, so try and get the most attractive one in your price range.

Of particular interest to hunters would be camouflage paint on the units themselves. While most of the units have that, keep in mind that the straps might not be as well hidden, making them easy targets for thieves.

Consider Giving Solar Trail Chargers As A Gift

Because of their versatility and universality, solar-powered trail and game cameras make perfect gifts, especially for a person who wants a camera that doesn’t need to be plugged in to collect amazing pictures.

While a person residing in any area would be a worthy recipient for this hugely functional item, people in rural areas might find them especially useful, given the amount of game and wildlife in those areas.

Be Creative

This unit doesn’t need to spend its life alone. You can install it in creative places for additional functionality. For instance, why not put it near home to act as a security camera? Why not put them near a birdbath to take images of birds in flight or just landing? Because they don’t need to be plugged in, the sky’s the limit with these solar-powered devices. And they combine very well with outdoor solar security lights.

Save The Environment

Rather than devour energy from batteries or a wall socket, this solar-powered unit draws its energy from the sun’s rays. Much more environmentally-friendly than products that require other forms of energy, this one won’t create any toxic disposable batteries to clean up or drain power from your grid and drive up your energy bills. All you need is clean and natural sunlight, for some clean and natural fun. And if you need to combine one of these with our favorite solar electric fence chargers, go for it!


Gone are the days when game and trail monitoring consisted of you standing out in the rain with a solar camera and shotgun, hoping you don’t get struck by lightning. Solar powered trail cameras can put an end to that dangerous practice while putting very little strain on your budget. As is clear from the foregoing, we strongly recommend the TEC.BEAN Trail Camera. Its blend of versatility and value is the perfect combination for the vast majority of consumers and the positive Amazon reviews are proof of that. If you want to save a little bit of money though, you can’t go wrong with the Kuool P3 Trail Camera. At just under $36 for a fully functional unit, you’ll hardly notice the cost. You’ll definitely notice the tremendous utility you get from the product though, as there’s hardly anything on the market as handy and useful as these solar trail cameras

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Based on 29 reviews

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