Best Solar Wall Mounted Lights – Top Reviews in 2021

If you’re new to solar solutions, outdoor solar wall lights are a great way to get your foot in the door. The renewable energy craze has taken the world by storm and there are now so many solar products available to consumers. One of these products is wall mounted solar lights; an affordable and environmentally friendly way to light your outdoor living areas.This type of lighting saves you money and energy over time.

Adding outdoor lighting to your living space has traditionally been a bit messy, not to mention dangerous.  Electrical wiring would need to be installed and weatherproofed. Then it would need to be hidden in order to maintain your backyard appeal.  Even with these steps done, the electrical lighting can be hazardous to trip over, unsafe for pets and nature’s friends, and a risky fire concern.  All that trouble and then, on top of it, you’re hit with skyrocketing electric costs just to keep it running. Solar wall lights are definitely a better choice and a solution to all of these worries.

Solar outside wall lights work very simply. Every light has a built-in solar panel that’s responsible for collecting solar energy, turning it into electricity, and then storing the energy in the rechargeable battery. The charging of the lights occurs during the day.  In the evening, the battery-powered LED bulbs will be turned on automatically. These LED bulbs are very powerful and economic. On average, one solar light can provide continuous lighting for up to 10 hours.

Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights

URPOWER Solar Spotlight

Othway Solar Lights for Your Wall or Fence

Best Solar Wall Lights in 2020

There’s a lot to consider when you’re upgrading your property with night time solar light.  Just like when installing solar string lights, make sure there’s adequate sun reaching the areas where you want to install your wall mounted solar lights. Pick areas that constantly get a lot of sun.  Next you’ll need to consider the primary function of the lights. Are you trying to work outside at light, do you need a security light (like a solar floodlight), or are you just interested in creating a certain kind of atmosphere around your property (like with a solar spotlight)?  With these two main questions answered, selecting a light for your outdoor areas will be easy. As you read below, you’ll see we’ve considered light brightness, decor, and functionality in these top reviews of the best solar wall lights of 2020.

URPOWER Solar Spotlight

Most Popular

The URPOWER Solar Spotlight is one of the most reliable and flexible solar wall lights available on the market. You can place these lights almost anywhere; on your wall or in the ground. Not only does this allow for the aesthetic you desire but it’s easy to place these is the perfect direct sunlight.  Whether the best daylight falls across your exterior wall or along your garden path, these lights will accommodate your perfect space. Additionally, these lights feature a 90-degree and 180-degree rotation on the light and the solar panel to ensure the maximize amount of sun is absorbed and your light beam will shine in any direction you choose.

Charge this unit in full sun for about 5 hours and your night-time light will last up to 9 hours.  Besides a decent runtime, another remarkable feature is this lamp’s brightness. These solar lights shine up to 200 lumens in the night, making this a significant lightsource, but not so drastic that it keeps the neighbors awake.


  • Easy installation, comes with stakes and screw-mounting
  • Short charging time and relatively long runtime
  • Small but very bright lights (200 lumens per light)
  • Features adjustable solar panels for maximum charging
  • Comes with 2 brightness settings
  • Waterproof


  • Staking in the ground can be a nuisance when mowing lawn
  • Waterproofing can be short-lived
  • Bulbs don’t last past 10,000 hours

Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights

Editor's Pick

Do you need enough light to guide a ship to harbor? The extra bright outdoor solar wall lights from Baxia is the answer for you. A standard solar wall light will probably throw about 100-200 lumens at night. There are some that throw 300 or 400 lumens and that’s pretty impressive; 500 lumens and you’ve got great security light. But this light is 4x brighter than that. It packs 2000 lumens and functions as a “flood light.” These are great for lighting up a whole area at night, like a tennis court, a pool, an outdoor living area, or a driveway.

The light features a motion sensor, so it will only snap on when motion is detected within about 16 feet, which safes even more solar power and keeps a longer runtime, and lifetime. Thanks to this motion detector, this light can also be used as a security light. When the light is turned on, it will act as a spotlight on the cause of the trigger. An 8-hr solar charge will give you about 12 hours of runtime.


  • Can function easily as a security flood light
  • The light packs an incredible 2000 lumens
  • Motion sensor functionality
  • Installation is very easy, comes with wall mounting
  • The product is weatherproof


  • Only one setting means it’s always 2000 lumens, never softer
  • Motion runtime is 30 seconds, additional lights needed for outdoor night activities

Othway Solar Lights for Your Wall or Fence

Best Value

If you’re looking for compact solar wall lights, then the Othway Decorative Solar Lights are an excellent choice for you. When compared to similar products, these lights have one distinctive feature: they combine utility and appearance and create a light that is an aesthetically pleasing illumination to your area. These lights fit in the palm of your hand and cast a sophisticated pattern of light instead of the cold, commercial stare of light.

These lights are high on design, but low on utility.  While they absorb sun and generate light efficiently and for a long lifetime, they throw only 12 lumens and work best as a decorative and aesthetic piece, rather than a dependable light source for walkways or working.  These lights will turn on and off automatically and require no maintenance besides that of installation, and occasional checking to see if anything is obstructing the solar panel.


  • Aesthetically pleasing outdoor lights
  • Small and efficient
  • Mounting is very easy
  • Can be mounted on walls and fence posts
  • Economical


  • These lights are not very bright
  • The product features only one mode
  • long charge-time for short runtime

Aityvert Outdoor Solar Flame Lights

If you’re looking for something a bit more attractive to add decor and design to your outdoor area, these solar flame lights from Aityvert will be just right.  Still all the functionality of a solar, these lights add ambiance by creating a warm orange glow of flickering flame in each light. The flame is of course not real, but only designed to look this way.  They also feature a decorative lattice-design around the light that has a clean cast-iron appearance. You can get these lights in a two-pack or a four-pack and they come in black or white, with an orange glow for flames.

These gorgeous lights charge all day long in the sun and convert that energy to generate an inviting dance of flame in the evening.  The unit is waterproof and weatherproof, dust-resistant, and easily mounted on an exterior wall or fence. These lights automatically turn on and off to conserve energy.  They turn on at dusk and they turn off at dawn. Installation is fast and simple and they lights require no maintenance from you except to make sure no obstructions, like plants or weeds, creep across the light’s solar panels over time.


  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Compact; only slightly larger than a smartphone
  • Attractive lattice and dancing flame design
  • Comes in convenient 2- and 4-packs
  • 12-month warranty


  • Requires a small pin to activate the auto on/off function
  • Lights can have a shorter life than similar products

B-right Solar Light Sconce

Now, if you want the best of both worlds and you’d prefer your light to be an attractive decor and double as security duty, this solar wall light from B-right is the right choice.  The most unique feature with these lights is the 2-in-1 smart lighting functionality. The light will glow a warm orange flame-like color when dusk falls and they will continue to shine all night.  But if the light is approached within 16-ft, it will immediately detect motion and the soft orange glow will change to a bright white light, like you’d find on security lights and flood lights. The security light will shine for 30 seconds and if no  further motion is detected, the light returns to the attractive soft orange glow.

The light is encased by durable ABS materials designed to look like a vintage iron street lamp, but it mounts quickly and easily to your exterior walls.  Three separate solar panels cover the top of the unit, allowing for an even more efficient gathering of solar energy. A full day of charging will provide about 6-8 hours of light at light.  This comes with 2 lights to a pack and includes all the mounting and hardware needed for a simple install. Each light is about 10 inches tall and about 7 inches wide. Lights should be placed in direct sun spots for the best results.


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24-month warranty
  • Friendly customer service available everyday
  • Certified by CE, FCC, RoHs
  • Attractive vintage appeal
  • 2-in-1 smart light modes for security and decor


  • On the expensive side
  • No color options; black only

Advantages of Solar Outdoor Wall Lights

Advantages of Solar Outdoor Wall Lights

Solar Wall Lights Are Eco-Friendly

Solar wall lights, like solar path lights, are good for the environment. Using non-renewable energy sources has resulted in a large carbon footprint. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy are meant to reduce the carbon footprint. The exhaustion of the earth’s resources can be resolved only by using products powered by solar energy or other renewable energy sources.

Outdoor Solar Lights Are Cost-Effective

It may seem to you at first that all solar-powered products are quite expensive, including solar hanging lights. Since solar technology is still in its infancy, solar lights might be more expensive than their counterparts. However, once you install them, you’ll save what you’ve initially spent on the light by reducing the cost of electricity and replacing disposable batteries. Over time, you can feel proud knowing you’ve not only helped to reduce the global carbon footprint, and waste from disposable batteries, but you’ve also more than paid for the cost of the unit through electric savings.

No Need for Maintenance

Installation of your solar wall lights is quick and simple, usually just taking a couple of screws to mount the item to your wall.  In some cases, the automatic on/off functionality will require a one-time setting for you to adjust, which is usually done by sticking a pin into a small hole on the unit to activate it.  This necessity helps to keep your lights in brand new condition when they arrive and ensures the battery life and lights have not been draining whilst packaged in transit. Once the installation and activation are complete, you’re virtually done with maintenance. However, it’s a smart idea to check on your lights every so often to make sure there is nothing obstructing the solar panels which might be causing a poor solar charge.

Availability of Many Different Types of Products

Outdoor solar lights can range in functionality from simple decor to dependable security.  They also come in a range of different styles and designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. There’s no shortage of products to choose from in order to find the one that will meet your needs and match your style.

How to Choose the Best Solar Lights for Outdoors

If you’re looking for new outdoor solar lights, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. These products can be used in your garden, pathway, pool area, driveway, backyard, tennis court, or used as a home security mechanism. Before you consider the features and functionality of each of the best solar wall lights available, you should ask yourself two critical questions first.

  • Where will the lights go? (Will you attach them to you shed, like with these solar shed lights?)
  • How will the lights primarily be used?

Selecting How

Deciding how to use your lights is the easiest part.  Is it for looks or function. If it’s for function, what function is it for: security, walking light, visitor lights?  When you can answer this question, it’s safe to move to the next.

Selecting Where

First and foremost, when planning where your lights will go, it should be an area that gets as much direct sun as possible.  This will ensure your lights are fully charged each sunny day, and your runtime is at maximum length. Also think about where, within the area, you most need light to shine at night.  Are there a couple of creepy dark spots? Do you have a beautiful garden landscape you want accentuated with light at light? Then, consider whether one light will do the job, or if several is best.  If several lights are best for your needs, don’t forget to consider spacing between lights. Will it be best for you to put several lights relatively close together or far apart. Lastly, some lights are motion sensor, so consider whether your areas will have a lot of foot traffic or not and if a motion sensor would end up being a nuisance or a solution to dark spots.

Here are some more tips to help you choose the best solar-powered lights for outdoors:


Brightness is one of the incredibly important factors when it comes to buying solar lights for outdoors. Lumen rate represents how bright each light can shine. The more lumens a product has, the brighter it will be. Avoid buying inexpensive lights that emit an average of 10 lumens. Such lights do generate brightness, but it is not sufficient enough to light up your yard properly and it shines only about as bright as closet touch-lights.

Battery Capacity

When looking for outdoor lights powered by solar energy, battery capacity is another key criteria to keep in mind. It’s recommended to purchase a model with a large battery capacity since this will enable it to run for longer periods of time and maintain a longer product lifetime.

The brighter the light is (the more lumen it has), the more energy it will consume. So, make sure to go for battery capacity that won’t burn out easily. Batteries with large capacity can handle this energy requirement and ensure that the light works during the entire night.

Solar Panel Quality

The quality of the solar panel affects how fast sun energy can be converted into usable power. In other words, the charging time of solar lights depends on the solar panel quality. The conversion rates of high-efficiency solar panels can be up to 20 percent. In addition, the panels with high efficiency feature the latest technology, meaning that panels are smaller and take up less space but can generate more energy.


Don’t forget to pay attention to the materials used to construct your solar wall lights. Since these products are meant to be used outdoors, you should go for those made out of high-quality and durable ABS materials. Try to find lights made out of materials that are sturdy and tend to last longer, such as stainless steel or weatherproof certified plastics.


Last but not least, take the style of the lights into consideration as well. Of course, you don’t need to be told what a bad idea it is to purchase aesthetically poor-looking outdoor lights that don’t match the rest of your home’s décor or your taste.  But consider the light’s glow, shadow, and if a pattern is cast when lit. The light’s glasslike portion can often have a pattern designed into it which will affect the appearance of the light when cast at night. This could also affect how brightly the light will shine. Unlike solar gutter lights, looks matter with these ones.


Whether you’re searching for new ways to accentuate your outdoor spaces with ambient light, or you’re interested in breaking into a solar lifestyle, outdoor solar lights are a simple solution.  If this is your first experience with solar powered products, you could end up adapting your household with further solar products and end up saving even more. When you find out how easy, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solar living can be, you’ll make the smart choice to change. Upgrade your home with sophisticated night time lighting for not a penny more in electricity with these outdoor solar wall lights.

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