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Whether you want to decorate a garden, a patio, or a small balcony, nothing livens up the place more than solar wind spinners. These beautiful landscaping accessories come in all shapes and sizes and move in mesmerizing displays with the help of wind.

In addition, solar spinners come equipped with a colorful bulb housing one or several LED lights, as well as a small solar panel to charge the latter. Even at night, you can enjoy the look of your gorgeous wind spinners, made even more impressive by the delicate lighting effect.

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BITS AND PIECES Original Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinners

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BITS AND PIECES Solar Peacock Wind Spinners

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STEADYDOGGIE Solar Wind Spinners New Azure

What Are the Best Solar Wind Spinners in 2020?

Like the best solar racers, an incredibly wide variety of solar light wind spinners are currently available on for purchase online, but that doesn’t mean that they are all worth your money. Aside from design and color, you should always check whether the solar spinners you have in mind are durable enough to endure mild to moderate winds and rain.

All of the items we’ve gathered below are not only unique but also built to last, like these solar briefcases.

1. BITS AND PIECES Original Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinners

This flower wind spinner is made entirely of metal and steel and can be installed within seconds thanks to its sturdy 10” fork. The accessory stands fairly tall, at 74” in height, but is durable enough to withstand wind, rain, and even mild snow.

These tulip solar wind spinners by Bits and Pieces create an impressive display of movement and color. They consist of two tiers of colorful petals that spin in opposite directions at the slightest breeze. At the center, a solar glass ball emits light during the evening and changes colors at a steady pace. Although some assembly is required to put together this spinner, all instructions are included and very easy to follow.

  • Gorgeous tulip with vivid colors and a charming movement.
  • Includes a solar bulb that lights the fixture even during the night.
  • Made entirely of metal and steel for durability.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Significantly more expensive than other options.

2. PEAKTOP Outdoor Kinetic Solar Light Wind Spinners

This kinetic solar light wind spinner by Peaktop is one of the most delicate items you can buy for your garden, patio, deck, or balcony. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, though, because according to most reviewers, this is also a sturdy and durable piece.

Made entirely of metal and using no flimsy fabrics, this teal flower-shaped windmill comes with multiple petals and three beautiful butterflies. At the center, a similarly colored light bulb is charged during the day and powered up during the night. The elegant lighting effect is perfect for creating an intimate ambiance and can even be used for proper illumination in otherwise dark areas. Although it takes a little under 20 minutes to assemble the fixture, detailed instructions are included.

  • Elegant flower wind spinner in teal.
  • Also a solar spinner that comes with a built-in light sphere and solar panel.
  • Lightweight, but sturdy and durable.
  • Includes user-friendly instructions for an easy assembly.
  • Fairly expensive compared to other options.

3. BITS AND PIECES Solar Peacock Wind Spinners

The peacock solar wind spinners by Bits and Pieces are truly lively decorative pieces that can spruce up the mood in any outdoor space. The fixture consists of a conventional two-sided solar spinner, where each side is made of more than a dozen translucent glass peacock feathers. In the middle, the blue glass solar light puts on a spectacular light show during the evenings.

Even with the slightest breeze, the two sides of the solar spinner move independently from one another. The accessory stands tall, at 62” in height, and can be fixated into the ground using the included 10” stake. Some assembly is required before these solar light wind spinners can be installed, but detailed instructions are included with the product.

  • Vibrant solar spinner that imitates the plumage of a peacock.
  • Includes a blue solar light bulb for spectacular displays during the evening.
  • Turns even at the slightest breeze, but is sturdy enough to be used outdoors.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Significantly more expensive than other options.

4. STEADYDOGGIE Solar Wind Spinners Jewel Cup

Solar light wind spinners by SteadyDoggie are more affordable than other items included in our list, but they no less impressive. This conventional solar spinner with jewel cups, for instance, has a simple, but gorgeous copper look and is adorned with tasteful jewels in blue, red, yellow, and green.

The solar LEDs in the middle are charged using the integrated solar panel during the day and create a delicate lighting display during the evening. The light changes colors to match the jewels and can be admired by passers-by without bothering any neighbors. Instructions for assembly are included in the package and the installation is as simple as placing the stake in your garden or patio.

  • An affordable, yet equally beautiful solar spinner.
  • Features multi-colored jewels and a tasteful copper look.
  • The solar light in the middle matches in color to the rest of the fixture.
  • Very easy to assemble and install.
  • Slightly less durable than other fixtures.

5. STEADYDOGGIE Solar Wind Spinners New Azure

An exquisite antique piece that can bring charm to any garden, the New Azure solar spinner by SteadyDoggie is more than a decent bargain. It is more affordable than fixtures by Bits and Pieces or Peaktop, but it offers an equally beautiful display.

The two blades of these solar light wind spinners can move independently from one another, while the metallic structure combines rustic charm with modern functionality. The copper look of the frame goes perfectly with the blue accents of the blades and is complemented nicely by the central solar light.

  • A modern solar spinner with rustic charm.
  • Double-bladed for an even more impressive display in the wind.
  • The central solar light bulb complements the fixture perfectly during the evenings.
  • Includes detailed instructions for assembly and installation.
  • Slightly less durable than other fixtures.

The flower wind spinners selected for our top 5 list are just a taste of what you can buy at this point in time. Certainly, new and equally gorgeous fixtures (like these solar dancing toys) will make their way to the market in the future, but until then, we are confident that either of these products will fulfill and outdo your expectations. (Looking for more cool solar-themed products? Check out these solar system models!)