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MageSolar has been established over three years ago. So far, we have reviewed over 1,000 products and we keep going up. We interview industry experts regarding the best products in particular niches, based on more criteria – good value for money, quality materials, durability and so on. We also research products ourselves based on consumer feedback.

We then test and review products. The good news about it is we will never promise you the world. We all know that nothing is perfect, so we will find both good and bad parts. Based on what you truly need, making a final decision should be a matter of time only.

There are, of course, a few products that we cannot get out hands-on. Our engineers will research and provide valuable feedback regarding their specifications, as well as previous buyers’ reviews and recommendations.

Simply put, nothing is random. Everything is thoroughly researched for a good final recommendation.

Follow our mission

Our goals are fairly simple to understand. We aim to help. It is not just about you – the consumer. Sure, we can help you decide what is best for your household or business. But at the same time, we aim to help the planet as well. Solar energy is renewable and clean, so such solutions will save you money and save our planet.

Whether you want to start low and move on to some basic solar lights or you want to change your lifestyle with solar panels, MageSolar will lead you in the right direction. Leave yourself in our hands and make more informed decisions regarding your purchases – no more guesswork involved. Let us do the time-consuming work for you.​