Best Solar Emergency Blankets of 2021

Best Solar Emergency Blankets of 2019

There are some obvious benefits to an emergency solar blanket in your camping gear or vehicle, but it actually has many uses, all of which can help to save your life in a critical situation.

An emergency solar blanket typically has two-sided functionality.  On one side, the mylar heat-reflecting layer will work to keep upwards of 80% of your body heat wrapped against you to stay warm in the freezing cold.  Wrap yourself in the other side, and heat will be deflected from you to stay cool. This is the blanket’s primary function, but it only gets better from there.  You can use a solar blanket to cover and protect your backpack and other gear or even use it as a waterproof rain poncho in a pinch. An emergency blanket also makes a smart tent footprint or a ground liner for your tent or sleeping bag.

Beyond these more common uses, you can also employ these solar heat sheets as water collectors, shade cover, trail markers, and help signals.  If you need to, you can use these blankets to build a canopy-type shelter, collect water, cook food, and even use them for slings and tourniquets.  There aren’t many items that can be used in so many ways to keep you alive. For this reason, these blankets are a necessary item to have in every car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, and plane.  NASA even sends these into space with astronauts. Remember when you stock your vehicles with this necessary survival tool to pack enough for all of your passengers.

When you’re packing for your next adventure, be it camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting, you’ll want to make sure you take at least one of these blankets; if not a few. When faced with a drastic situation, these mylar sheets can even be used to detract birds or create fishing lure. You’ll often see marathon runners wrap themselves in these blankets at they cross the finish line.  This is to regulate their body temperature which can drop quickly upon finishing the long race. Every prepper kit and safety needs at least one.

In addition to the survivalist features of such a great blanket, these heat sheets also provide near infinite other creative possibilities.  Crafters will often use these to insulate outdoor cat shelters for colder months. They can also be used to deter pets from climbing onto furniture.  Others have used these blankets to create lightweight costumes for Halloween and comic book conventions or for art projects and dioramas.

These blankets are typically very cost friendly and often come in packs of four, six, ten, or more. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t make sure everyone in your family has at least one.  Take a look at the reviews below to see which emergency solar blanket would work best for you and your family and adventurous friends.

UTOOL Thermal Survival Blanket

Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Thermal Blanket

Nordic Ant Emergency Blanket 6-pack

Top Reviews of Solar Emergency Blankets for 2019

For your safety and security we’ve collected the top reviews for 2019’s emergency solar blankets. Like with our guide to the best solar shades and blinds, below you’ll find the most popular choice, the best for your budget, and the best quality options.  Better to have it and not need it, so take a look at these emergency blankets for the best selection to have in your vehicle, safety kit, and adventure gear

S.O.L. Emergency Blanket

The S.O.L. Solar Emergency Blanket is an extremely versatile tool for extreme situations.  Serious adventurers trust this item with their lives. Be sure to always have this blanket packed with your emergency  gear. At only 7 inches rolled, and 3 ounces in weight, this survival blanket is easy to pack and lightweight to carry.

The S.O.L. blanket is made from heat-reflective metalized polyethylene material and not mylar like most solar blankets.  It unfolds to about 4.5ft x 7ft and resists water, wind, and punctures. If the blanket is cut deliberately, it will not unravel or shred like the cheaper versions do, and it’s easily repairable.  This blanket offers some stretch to it and it’s quiet and doesn’t crinkle in the wind, or as you move in your sleep.

With a heat reflection of up to 95%, this emergency solar blanket holds in more body heat than most blankets on our list. In addition to being used as a blanket to retain body heat, this blanket can also be used as an emergency signal, gear and ground cover, and as a shelter.  The S.O.L. Emergency Blanket comes with metal grommets in each corner to make securing easier for cover. Pack this item in your car, boat, or camping gear and Survive Outdoors Longer.


  • 100% waterproof and windproof
  • Dependable strength
  • Survival Instructions printed on blanket in multiple languages
  • Quiet
  • Includes grommet holes


  • Rather small for taller or larger individuals
  • Thinner than one might expect
  • Item has chemical odor until thoroughly aired out

Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Thermal Blanket

Most Popular

Don’t Die In The Woods delivers a 4-pack of solar emergency blankets that reflect up to 90% body heat and unfolds into a size of about 5 ft x 7 ft, which is about 20% larger than the usual blanket.  This mylar solar blanket is waterproof and lightweight at only 2 ounces per blanket, and each coming in its own nylon bag for easy portability and packing. If it’s good to have one, it’s better to have four.

Use these extra large mylar solar sheets to wrap around you and your family if your car breaks down in the frigid cold, or to deflect heat from collecting in your car in the desert heat.  This survival blanket can also be used as an emergency ground cover, shelter, or sleeping bag. Take no chance and order one of this 4-pack of blankets for every vehicle you have.


  • Cost efficient 4-pack of blankets
  • Multiple survival uses
  • Waterproof
  • Reflects up to 90% body heat
  • Extra Large size


  • Nylon storage bag is a bit too snug upon refolding blanket

Nordic Ant Emergency Blanket 6-pack

Best Value

This 6-pack of silver and gold emergency solar sheets is perfect for you to add a blanket to your camping gear, hiking pack, bike bag, tackle box, runner’s pocket, and glove compartment for emergency use.  These solar blankets can be used in all weather including rain and snow and it’s an excellent item for any first aid or outdoor survival kit.

These NASA-engineered emergency solar blankets are designed with military grade 12-micron aluminized mylar and retains up to 90% of your body heat on one side, or deflects heat from your body on the other side.  Nordic Ant is so positive you’re going to love this 6-pack that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. This set of emergency solar blankets includes not one, but two bonus items when you order: receive a multipurpose carry bag with morse code printed on the other side for emergency reference, plus get the eBook that explains over 30 ways to use a space blanket for survival.  Did you know you can even use this mylar sheet as a solar oven? Slip one of these into every adventure pack in your home and car.


  • Includes drawstring bag and eBook
  • Includes Morse Code chart for survival communication
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with 6 blankets


  • Rather small for taller or larger individuals
  • A bit noisy; crinkles

Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket

The emergency solar blanket from Arcturus is the strongest and most durable on the list.  For this reason, the blanket weighs a bit more than the average mylar blanket at 1lb. Still a very lightweight item, this blanket folds down and repacks into a zippered pouch for many reuses and easy carry.  Even use the repacked pouch as a seat cushion on the ground.

Somewhere between a blanket and a tarp, this emergency blanket folds out to an extra large 5ft. x 7 ft. span that protects you from wind, water, and hypothermia. The Arcturus comes with an insulated mylar reflective thermal side and a bright orange nylon side to use for an emergency signal.   It includes heavy duty metal grommet holes at the corners so you can easily secure this blanket for shelter or ground cover. These grommets will hold down over 35lbs each.

The most unique feature of this emergency blanket is definitely it’s built-in functionality for blocking your infrared heat signature to provide camouflage in the IR spectrum.  Whether you’re using this feature to enhance your hunting tactics or hide from James Bond, the Arcturus has your back for survival. Pop this solar heat blanket in your camper or trail bag and protect yourself from the harsh elements.


  • Reflects up to 95% body heat 
  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • Heavy duty blanket/tarp
  • Excellent for tent ground cloth


  • Tearing near grommets in high winds
  • Item has chemical odor until thoroughly aired out

UTOOL Thermal Survival Blanket

Editor's Pick

UTOOL has spent over a decade analyzing the two most common problems when it comes to survival gear like emergency blankets: (1) is it multi-purpose? (2) is it strong and durable?

With years of customer data gathered and observed, UTOOL has found the solution to these two problems: 5.0 Material Technology.  One of the newest patterns available, 5.0 Material Technology combines a 5-layer material signature design. The top layer is made of non-woven fabric that’s skin friendly and retains up to 94% of your body heat. The second and fourth layers are made of a PE lamination that stabilizes the blanket and includes the waterproof functionality.  The center is made of a poly-mesh material that offers extra durability and keeps the blanket reusable. The bottom layer is the aluminized mylar which offers more waterproof functionality and reflects your body heat back to you.

When it’s packed, this solar emergency blanket is lightweight, taking up only about 4 in x 9 in and 16 ounces, but when it’s unfolded it offers a coverage of about 5 ft x 7 ft and includes metal grommets at the corners for extra security. Excellent for ground cover, overhead cover, or a makeshift sleeping bag, this is a must-have for everyone.  Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.


  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • Reflects up to 94% body heat
  • Heavy duty 5.0 Material Technology
  • Extra large size unfolded


Consider This When You Buy an Emergency Solar Blanket

Consider This When You Buy an Emergency Solar Blanket

These unusual blankets aren’t made of the common foil you can find at the grocery store or art store. Instead, they’re made from aluminized plastic sheeting originally developed for NASA as a material to filter solar light from camera lenses.  Believe it or not, these blankets had their start in the space program in the 1970s.

In 1973, the Skylab space station started overheating while in orbit. The heat shield was broken and the temperature inside the station rose up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees Celsius). The temperatures continued to rise and NASA became very concerned about the decay of equipment and food inside the station. Worse, the possibility of toxic gases also posed a threat.

NASA engineers contacted a company in New Jersey called National Metallizing to help them create an emergency solar screen for Skylab. The two organizations worked together and created a reflective solar umbrella that was placed on top of Skylab. The parasol managed to deflect the heat successfully and maintain normal temperatures inside the spacecraft.

Nowadays, the technology used to save NASA spaceships from overheating is mass produced and sold for very little money.  You can find these blankets across the United States at state parks, camps, day cares, schools, athletic fields, and in the pack of every Eagle Scout.  Hospitals use them during surgery to keep patients warm because anesthesia often makes people shiver. They’re often a standard addition to any safety or emergency kit sold today.  If you’re thinking about adding these to your emergency packs, consider the following when making your purchase:


Similar to when you buy solar eclipse glasses, ask yourself whether you’re going to need a single blanket or a pack of many.  While you can certainly buy only one, these are often sold in packs of four or more.  One will cover you, but you might want to be prepared if others are with you.


The majority of emergency blankets are mylar so they retain virtually almost all your body heat and they weigh almost nothing. Other materials like nylon and poly-mesh  might be included in the design of the item, or used in place of the mylar in some cases.


Most of the space blankets are about 4 ft. x 6 ft. This is enough to cover an average person or two smaller children, but sometimes that’s not enough.  Taller and larger individuals should look for a blanket that’s at least 5 ft. x 7 ft for best coverage.

Water- and Windproofing

Every emergency blanket should be waterproof and windproof. If you ever get stuck outside, you’ll need protection not only from the cold but from other elements as well including water, snow, and wind.


An average space blanket is about 12 microns thick which is usually best for only a couple of uses or in a critical situation. It’s not durable enough for everyday use. If you want a blanket that will last for many adventures to come, consider a heavy duty option.

Heat Reflection 

A typical blanket will reflect upwards of 80% of your body heat, but if this is especially important for your colder climate adventures, be sure to get one that reflects 90-95% body heat.


If you intend to use your blanket as a ground cover, shade, or shelter, you’ll want one with grommets in the corners.  This will help you to secure a better and longer standing structure.


This survival tool is so versatile and so inexpensive. Not to mention, it just might save your life.  Don’t find yourself in a dire situation without a solar blanket. Define what you need from your next emergency solar blanket and order it now. (Want to see another cool article about solar phenomena? Check out our solar storm survival guide and our solar eclipse guide!)

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