How to Make Solar Eclipse Glasses

How to Make Solar Eclipse Glasses July 1, 2018Leave a comment

When a solar eclipse comes along, one of the first things that people think about is whether or not they can check out the eclipse. In order to do that, they are going to need a good pair of eclipse glasses. But eclipse glasses can be hard to find. They are always in supply when people start talking about the eclipse, but they quickly dwindle and soon it is all but impossible to find a pair of solar eclipse glasses.

Luckily, there are still s solutions for getting your own pair of solar eclipse glasses. One of them is making your own. That’s exactly what will be covering in this article, with instructions for a few different types of solar glasses construction and more information about solar glasses in general.

What You Need to Know about Solar Eclipse Glasses

What You Need to Know about Solar Eclipse Glasses

First of all, you need to know the facts about solar eclipse glasses. Many people think that they can just get a pair of dark sunglasses and use them for viewing a solar eclipse, but this is a really bad idea. Dark sunglasses do not offer near enough protection for you to view a solar eclipse. There are ways that you can make a pair of dark sunglasses suitable for eclipse viewing, but we will go into that a little bit later. The other thing that you need to know is that not all solar eclipse glasses are legitimate. There are unscrupulous people creating so-called solar eclipse glasses that do not offer the protection that is needed, and so you have to make sure that you’re buying from legitimate sources.

Finally, make sure that you are not using your phone to view a solar eclipse. While taking a video with your phone and looking at the video will not damage your eyes, it will definitely damage your phone. The sun is just too bright when you are in the middle of a solar eclipse for you to be able to take a video with the lens fully open. There are guidelines that you can find online on when you should be able to use your phone to film a solar eclipse both before and after.

Making a Darker Pair of Sunglasses

If you cannot find a legitimate pair of solar eclipse glasses at the store, you may bubble to make your own solar eclipse glasses using a pair of sunglasses. You don’t want to use dark sunglasses by themselves. They will not offer enough protection and you could end up with serious retinal damage because of the eclipse. But there is a way that you can improve your dark sunglasses to make them suitable for viewing the eclipse.

The way that this is done is by smoking them. This technique uses a cigarette lighter in order to create a smoky film across the glasses that will protect you from the solar eclipse. You simply run your cigarette lighter thoroughly over the entire surface of the sunglasses until they are extremely dark. If you have used a pair of solar eclipse glasses in the past, then you know how dark they have to be to be suitable. But keep in mind this method is not foolproof by any means, and if you choose to go this route, then you are risking retinal damage if you have not done the smoking correctly.

Making a National Geographic Solar Eclipse Viewer

Making a National Geographic Solar Eclipse Viewer

Now we are going to discuss how you can make a solar eclipse viewer using instructions published in the National Geographic magazine. You’re going to need to step pieces of cardboard, preferably white. You’re also going to need a roll of aluminum foil and some colored construction paper. It doesn’t matter what color. Some of the other equipment includes a standard hole punch her like a handhold hunter, a roll of duct tape, a roll of paper towels and some pencils, pushpins, scissors and white card stock.

The actual instructions can be found by searching for National Geographic solar eclipse viewer, but the basic idea is to put the two pieces of cardboard together and add the aluminum foil to the outside. You’re going to want to punch a larger hole in the outer layer and a pinhole using your pushpins in the inner layer so that you’re able to get a view of the eclipse but only allow a certain amount to actually come into your eye. You will not be able to see the eclipse clearly, you will be able to check it out as it happens and this is a pretty good thing for items that you would find around the house

Making a Simpler Version of the Viewer

You can also make a basic viewer using the same ideas the National Geographic instructions but without as many materials or as much work. You will simply take two pieces of cardboard, punch a pen on one of the pieces of cardboard with your pushpins, which you will use is the outside layer and then let the sunlight fall through that whole to the second screen. You can also use lots of different household items in order to make a very simple version of the fewer including crackers with holes in them or colander combined with the additional layer that is a screen.

You can find lots of videos on YouTube that will teach you how to make a solar eclipse you’re out of your normal household objects. There should be no reason for you to risk your eyes using a pair of sunglasses when there are so many options for you to be able to view the eclipse using things that you find around your house and supplies that you should already have on hand. But the main thing to keep in mind is that you should get an approved pair of solar eclipse glasses whenever possible.

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