Solar Energy Facts

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Solar energy is becoming a more and more popular option for people worldwide. But have you stopped to think about what solar power is, how it’s generated and what difference it could make for you? Here’s more information about solar energy facts that you might not have known before.

Exploring Solar Energy

Exploring Solar Energy

How Solar Works

You might have guessed by now from the name that solar energy works by using the sun. But most people haven’t really thought about how solar power works from the inside except that it’s powered by the sun, right? If you’re looking for a slightly more technical description of just how solar power works, the solar power panels contains special cells made from silicone – which are “excited” by the sun’s rays that pass through them. This is pure energy, which gets converted to electricity. Enough to power up a plug, enough to power up your house. That’s really cool, right?

Easy to Set Up

One of the top benefits for using solar power over other forms of energy is because it works out cheaper than staying on the grid and paying someone else to provide you with power that’s siphoned off the natural grid. It’s not the only thing that makes solar power beneficial, though: Solar power is also one of the easiest systems to set up and use. All you have to is ensure that your solar panel system is getting enough sun and that’s, well, actually it for the most part. You don’t have to have a degree in science to make use of solar power.

Off the Grid

Many people choose solar power just because it’s cheaper or because it’s easy to set up – but some people opt for solar power over paying for power from the national power grid because they prefer staying off the grid instead. Why would someone like to do that? The reasons are actually very simple: Humankind is steadily running out of fossil fuels, and power cuts are becoming more commonplace in all of the world – if you’re off the grid, drawing your own power from the system, then we can safely say that it won’t affect you as much.

A History of Solar Power

A History of Solar Power

Ancient Uses for the Sun

Do you think that solar power is a new invention? You’re not alone: You share that view with what’s very likely a large part of the population. But saying solar power is completely new to mankind isn’t entirely correct. To be more specific, considering the research that we have from ancient tribes, we know that ancient people worshipped the sun – and employed the sun and the planets to tell position, date and time. Ancient use of solar is well-known.

Solar Invented By

Who takes credit for being the genius who came up with solar panels in the first place? We can thank Alexandre Edmond Becquerel who discovered the effect that turns rays into an electric current – in 1839. Would you have thought that the practical use of solar energy is that ancient? Most people never think about it. But solar power is not new: People are just more accepting of employing solar energy in their homes and work environments in modern times.

First Solar Panel

Okay, so we’ve just told you about the man who invented the process behind solar panels – but in terms of history, don’t think that he takes credit with inventing and releasing the first commercial solar panel to the world market. Credit for that goes to a man by the name of Gerald Pearson instead, who researched how to turn this effect into something you could sell. Then, a year later in 1954, the first solar panel was introduced to the consumer market by Bell Labs – yes, the one that’s named after Alexander Graham Bell.

Things You Didn’t Know About Solar

Things You Didn’t Know About Solar

Solar Panel Cost

Solar energy can be much cheaper in the long run than drawing power off the grid and having to pay for it. While solar energy might be expensive to set up on a large scale if you want to switch over you entire house, the overall cost of running solar power is cheaper – and this warrants the expense of the set up for many people who realize how much money they will save when they don’t have to pay a weekly or monthly bill for their electricity usage.

Solar Energy Output

Solar energy output varies on the size of the panel that you have installed – and how many panels. The strength of the output is generally measured in voltage and wattage – and you should speak to a professional in solar panels when you want to know which to buy. This will all depend on your individual power consumption – and how much ground you’re hoping to cover. There are solar panels available in various sizes – from small ones that can charge a phone to larger ones that can run an entire house. All depending, of course, on what you need.

Solar World Records

Solar World Records

Solar Energy Future

Why should you consider solar energy to be the future? Because the future is approaching at a steady rate – and not everyone is prepared for it yet. Countries all over the world are realizing that they need to find alternatives to traditional fossil fuels since it’s becoming more and more expensive – and less and less available. Solar energy is the future because it’s a renewable energy source: Unless you believe The Matrix is gospel truth, we still haven’t blacked out the sun yet – so solar power remains one of the safer alternatives to finding electricity out of our environment. It’s also a great option for people who would rather opt for solar energy over nuclear energy, considering the large-scale nuclear disasters we’ve had in the past.

For Solar Energy

We have another great argument for solar energy: You’ll find that once you’ve switched over, others will too – and that’s great for the environment, too! If you’re the first to make a change, you can only expect others to follow your example.

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