Best Solar Clothes Dryers of 2021

There’s a smarter way to dry your clothes; have you heard about the students in California who’ve recently designed the most efficient solar powered clothes dryer to-date? A group of students from the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California have devised a way to utilize the heat collected in the home attic and re-channel that heat for use in a solar powered clothes dryer to enhance drying so that it’s as good or better than traditional dryers. The implications of the design are huge.

First, this saves home owners and wearers of clothes a great deal of money on the utilities it takes to keep up with a laundry routine.  Besides the utilities, a traditional electric clothes dryer can be a hefty price to purchase or rent and if it needs maintenance along the way, that’s not usually a cheap house call either. Second, The benefits don’t stop with homeowners; it only starts there.  There are a number of key industries and government entities that would benefit immensely from a mass use of solar power to dry laundry. Just think of the resources and money that can be saved for institutions like schools and universities, hospitals, and branches of the military; or for industries like that of nursing homes, industrial cleaning, and hospitality services. Third, and it almost goes without saying, switching to solar for drying is a huge benefit to our environment.  Using renewable resources is the way to a sustainable and green future.

Electric and gas clothes dryers have a problem besides just being driven by expensive non-renewable resources: they pose danger in your household.  Dryer fires are one of the leading causes of house fires in the United States. This problem doesn’t exist with solar powered clothes dryers.

Maybe you’re trying to dry less in the dryer and put what you can in the sun and the wind to dry.  Maybe you need a completely solar option; no electric or gas available. Whatever your scenario, we’ve got you covered with the most popular reviews of solar powered clothes dryers for 2020.

Whirligig Solar Powered Clothes Dryer

Cresnel Indoor/Outdoor Drying Rack

Yeshom Fold & Roll Indoor/Outdoor Laundry Dryer

Top Reviews of Solar Clothes Dryers for 2020

If you’re looking for an alternative to using your electric or gas dryer so often (or ever) then it’s probably because you realize not only are they environmentally unsound and pose a danger to your household, they are quite expensive to operate and maintain on a weekly basis. We’ve got five options below that range from simple to advanced that would make an excellent supplement or replacement to your clothes drying routine. Check out these most popular solar clothes drying options of 2020.

Cresnel Indoor/Outdoor Drying Rack

Most Popular

This new and improved solar clothes drying rack from Cresnel is now built with pure stainless steel to stand up to regular and direct sunlight and rain without rusting, warping, or sticking.  This clothes drying rack uses the age-old and all-natural clothes drying method of letting the sunlight and air do it for us. Hang and secure your laundry and let nature do your drying. This space-saving rack is excellent for small spaces inside or outside and folds up easily to slide out of sight when not in use.

This solar clothes drying rack supports the capacity of a normal household load of laundry that would go into a dryer.  You can even maximize space by using this rack in conjunction with clothes hangers to make the most of the rack space. It’s strong enough to support the weight of jeans, sweaters, coats, towels, sheets, and blankets.

At only 7 lbs and 40x24x3 in, this rack is simple and quick to move around and fold away.  This solar drying rack comes already assembled and folded and requires no tools or assembly.  Just open your delivery and unfold the rack.


  • 1-yr money back satisfaction guarantee from manufacturer
  • Portable and folds away
  • Indoor and outdoor compatible


  • Not as strong or efficient as other methods

Brabantia Rotary Clothes Dryer

Taking the drying rack to the next level, Brabantia offers the Lift-o-Matic rotary solar clothes dryer that can be pitched in your yard.  Pitch this solar clothes drying line, hang and secure your laundry, and let the wind and sun doing the spinning and drying. The wind will spin your dryer around and the sun will help to sanitize and dry it.

This umbrella-style outdoor solar drying rack features 196 total feet of line and each line can easily be tensioned so they never sag or droop.  This dryer can be adjusted to stand at 50 in tall or 74 in tall. The taller setting is excellent for hanging clothing and sheets while the shorter setting is more convenient for laying out bedding and pillows to dry.  Brabantia guarantees this unit is solid and will not rust, stick, or break down in the sun and weather and it comes with a 5-year warranty to back it up.


  • Holds large capacity and weight
  • 5-yr manufacturer’s warranty
  • Folds down to take minimal space in yard when not in use


  • Semi-permanent design makes it movable but not convenient to port readily

Household Essential Outdoor Clothes Dryer

The Household Essential solar clothes dryer comes in a parallel style of lines opening at 6 feet and features over 210 ft of drying line.  The no-rust steel frame and post create a strong and stable drying rack you can count on to dry your clothes. This parallel design solar clothes dryer also rotates with the power of the wind to maximize drying.

The Household Essential outdoor solar air dryer boasts a single-action open and close functionality that makes folding the unit quick and simple when not in use.  This dryer implements Ground Sleeve technology which uses a plastic sleeve during installation so that if bad weather hits, or you move to a new home, the solar clothes dryer can come down without much effort.


  • Has a large load and weight capacity
  • Made to withstand the elements of humid and coastal areas and all other climates


  • Must be planted in cement in the ground

Yeshom Fold & Roll Indoor/Outdoor Laundry Dryer

Best Value

This solar drying rack is a unique design from Yeshom and accommodates drying inside or out. This steel frame will fold out to six strong shelves with steel bars. Items can be stacked on the top like shelves to place dried items or to lay items flat such as a wool sweater.items can also be draped over the bars for drying, or to maximize space, this rack can be used in conjunction with clothes hangers to hang items off the underneath of the bars.  In addition to the six collapsible shelves, the top of the unit features two wings that can be extended outward to support more hanging items that may be longer and need more length to dry, such as a bathrobe or coat.

This solar clothes dryer does not rotate, but it does roll on four casters and port easily from location to location or from inside to outside. The frame is made of strong and sturdy steel and it will not rust or warp under the scrutiny of sun and weather.


  • Doubles as clothing storage for closets and lofts
  • Rolling wheels lock in place


  • Rolling casters don’t work well on outdoor loose terrains
  • Requires some assembly

Whirligig Solar Powered Clothes Dryer

Editor's Pick

If you’re going through the steps of supplementing or replacing your clothes drying with solar, then you’re probably ready to set something up inside or outside your home.  Why not go the final step and make sure the clothes dryer actually runs on solar power. The Whirligig solar powered clothes dryer combines the practical design of the rotating umbrella dryer but powers its rotation with sun collected by a solar panel.  Even when no wind blows, the sun is still there to do the job drying and spinning.

This solar powered dryer is easily portable for indoor or outdoor drying.  It extends with a tripod base and an umbrella-style top and includes a weight to hold the unit down in the wind outside. When the unit is ready to be transported, it folds compactly and neatly to fit into the storage or compartments of any vehicle or trailer.


  • Spins via the wind or the sun
  • Folds and ports easily
  • Comes with weight to keep the tripod base in place
  • Comes with stakes to hold the tripod in a semi-permanent position
  • Rugged and durable


  • Solar panels must be in direct sunlight; does not work via the sun on overcast days

What to Consider When Buying a Solar Clothes Dryer

What to Consider When Buying a Solar Clothes Dryer

When making the decision to purchase a solar clothes dryer and adopt it as part of your lifestyle, there are a few important points you do not want to overlook.  Just like buying other solar accessories (like our favorite solar dehydrators), attention to these details up front will save you time and money in the future. Get the most from your solar clothes dryer by doing your due diligence ahead of time on these key features.


Consider where you will use your solar clothes dryer; is it going in your laundry room or is it going to get permanently staked in the ground?  Like a solar grill, these items can be placed in different rooms and locations. Or maybe you need the versatility to be able to take your clothes dryer with you conveniently and use it both indoors and out. Whatever the case, think about which design will work best for your needs.  Some units can be near-permanent fixtures to the backyard while others fold up and tuck away into small spaces. Some solar clothes dryers are held in place by spikes, weight, or concrete installations. If you’re unsure how much you’ll like and come to rely on solar powered clothes drying, start with something portable. And keep air flow in mind, as you might need one of these solar fans to keep air moving.


Not all solar clothes dryers rotate, but when they do it maximizes the drying and speeds up the process.  A rotating dryer can also make hanging and removing clothes extra easy by standing still and rotating the lines. When you buy your solar clothes dryer, consider whether you want the dryer to rotate from wind power, solar power, or maybe you don’t want it to rotate at all (like this student-developed solar dryer).


You’ll need to examine the capacity of your dryer before you purchase it to make sure it’s big enough to handle your normal laundry load, but not too big that your unit is cumbersome.  It’s similar to buying a solar oven, which needs to handle all of the output you’re going to be asking of it. Ask yourself if the line space will hold all your items and if the strength of the line will hold your heavier items like towels, coats, and bedding.


Whether you want to start supplementing your electric or gas clothes drying process with solar drying, or whether you want to go all the way and ditch the gas and electric dryers for good, the right dryer will be somewhere on this list for you.  Take the time to make some up front considerations about the features and functionality you’re looking for and you’ll be happy you did. And when you start seeing the savings from utilities, maintenance, and dryer sheets and accessories, you’ll be even happier. (Looking for more great solar ideas? Take a look at our best solar attic fans while you’re here!)

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