Solar Versus Wind Power

Solar Versus Wind Power July 3, 2018Leave a comment

The simple truth is that the world needs to find an alternative for its power needs now. World population is still increasing at a steady rate, industries continue to grow – and both of those continue to make use of more and more electricity. How much more pressure can be put on the grid before it pops?

You should switch over to sustainable energy – and you should encourage your town, city and community to do the same. But should it be solar or wind power? It turns out there are very compelling arguments for both solar and wind power as sustainable energy sources to take over from traditional fossil fuels that are being used now – and steadily running out as a resource.

Solar Power

Solar Power

How Solar Works

First, you should know how solar power works – but we’re not saying that you need a four year degree in order to install a solar power system. You don’t need to understand exactly how solar power works to use it. But the basics about solar energy generation is that solar energy is picked up by your solar panels in the form of rays – and these rays excite the particles in the solar panels enough to generate energy – and subsequently electricity.

Solar Disadvantages

Using solar energy isn’t perfect: There are still a couple of disadvantages to using solar energy. The first one is that solar energy isn’t accessible everywhere – and while we’re talking mostly third world countries, the point is still that many people don’t have the access they need to switch over to solar power for good. And, to use solar energy, you actually need access the sun – which is not always practical in some parts of the world which experiences a lot of cloud cover.

Setting Up Solar

Solar power is extremely easy to set up. You don’t have to worry about what makes it work for it to work – a solar power system is something that you should be able to install and make use of without having to think too much or worry about it. And most hardware stores are more than happy to help you out when you need to set up a solar panel – usually at a minimal cost per hour.

Advantages of Solar

Setting Up Solar

You don’t need a lot of money to set up solar power that will run your entire house: You might think that the costs to set it all up is expensive at first, but let’s take a couple weeks or months of your electricity bill – how much can you expect to pay if you put all of that together? Compounding that amount means that it will likely be cheaper for your to set up solar power in your house than it will be to keep paying an electricity bill that will just cost more.

Solar is Cheaper and Better

Solar power is much cheaper to set up than relying on the power grid as you are doing now: And, solar power is a sustainable option just like wind power. Both of them match up well in terms of what they can offer the world in terms of sustainability – and a powerful alternative to what we already have to generate power, like fossil fuels that are steadily running out.

Solar at Home

One of the large advantages of solar power that you don’t have when we’re talking about wind generated power is the fact that solar power is very easy to set up at home – and on any scale you feel you need to, whether you have a huge house or a small apartment, or might just want to charge one device at a time with a smaller solar panel.

Wind Power

Wind Power

Explaining Wind Power

Wind power put in simple terms creates electricity by generating movement – the movement of the wind spins the turbine around and around, which in itself is energy being harvested, and this energy is then in turn put over into electricity – which goes straight to your plug and whizzing to your electronic devices. Again, you don’t have to understand all of the science behind wind power to know that it works.

Wind Sustainability

Wind energy is as sustainable as solar energy: It’s highly unlikely that mankind will ever run out of wind, and it’s just as unlikely that the sun is going to stop shining all of a sudden tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about having to mine the sun and the sun running out – or the price of the sun (or of wind) suddenly skyrocketing to where you can no longer afford to pay for it. Wind energy and solar energy are both sustainable options.

More About Wind

Wind Versus Solar: The Facts

Wind isn’t perfect either, and some of the disadvantages to wind power include the fact that wind power only works when you have access to wind. There are some parts of the world where we can safely say that wind generated power might not work at all – and we can say the same for other parts of the world where solar generated energy might not work as well. But it will generally be either solar or wind power that can be available in your area – so sustainable energy remains possible no matter which you choose.

Another disadvantage to wind generated power is that these systems are much larger, bulkier and more expensive to set up than solar power panels – this prices most people way out of the market, and do you have the space in your yard to put an entire field of wind power generating turbines? Most people don’t!

And so for personal use to power your home, many people are finding that they need to find an urgent alternative to what they are doing now for electricity – and the same people are now finding that solar power is the best alternative for their use at home.

Wind generated electricity needs a lot of wind, a lot of space and often a lot of money during its set up cost – if you need to do it on a budget, you might want to opt for solar instead.

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