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We’re going to assume a few things about you for this article – we’re going to assume that you’ve settled on solar power as an alternative to the traditional power grid because you’d like to save money, and because you’ve realized by now just how much you can save by having a solar power system installed so you can get off the grid: It will cost you a lot less if you don’t have a monthly or weekly power bill to worry about, and in addition to that, you won’t be affected by power outages that could bring down the entire grid – wouldn’t it be great to cut out those worries for good?

You should choose solar power – but then which company do you go with to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money? Here’s why you should pick SolarCity.

Solar Saves You Money

Solar energy is free once you have your solar panels set up – so you will never have to worry about having to pay another cent for electricity for the rest of your life. Switching over to solar will save you money, and for a lot of people that’s the only reason they need to finally make the change; business owners can spend thousands upon thousands every year just in keeping the electricity on – and this is an overhead that a business will have whether or not their business is earning any money! For anyone else, the money they are paying towards power could be money that’s used for other things – including going on that dream vacation that you’ve always wanted to go on, but might have been putting off because you feel that you don’t have the money. Add up just how much money you have been spending on electricity more or less over the past year and do the math for yourself – you’ll be surprised at just how much it will save.


So, when you’re looking for a company that caters to your solar needs, what can we say are the most important qualities for the company that will be powering your home? Of course, we don’t really need to tell you that you’re going to want a company that manages to keep your best interests at heart and save you some money all at the same time: You want a quality product that’s going to last a time and need very little maintenance and replacement over the next ten or even more years. That’s not all, either – you will look for a company that is easy to deal with and manages to explain all of the technical stuff to you in plain enough terms that you can use their product without having to have a degree in science. SolarCity could be the company for you if that’s the criteria that you need to have matched.

Unlike many other companies, they have a proven track record of being able to deliver on what they promise – and as you’ll see here, they really go the extra mile to make sure that their clients are happy with the product and service. We’d almost go as far as to say that SolarCity is one of the best companies out there because of their strong reputation and history in dealing with clients!

Company History

The first thing that you should know about Solarcity is that they are better known as the partner company of Tesla Industries, the highly successful tech company that is most known for their development of the electric car, which has gained a lot of popularity on its own over the past few years. You know that Tesla has a good reputation for innovation and providing what they promise – and we have very good reason to believe that this is the case with Solarcity, too.

Solar Products

A solar panel is not just a solar panel – you should know that you’re going to expect much more from it, or you would not have put this much effort in trying to find the one that’s just right for you. When it comes to a wide variety of solar powered products, Solarcity offers you more than you can possibly imagine – at a price you can definitely afford. They have laid a lot of the groundwork when it comes to the research of how to make solar power better and more affordable, so why not buy these straight from the source? If SpaceX, another partner company of Tesla, can be trusted to launch rockets then we can’t see why you won’t be able to trust them with handling your solar power.

Great Service, Great People

Why have the partner companies like Tesla and SpaceX been able to achieve the level of greatness that they have since the companies have been founded? There can only be one reason why any company is that successful in today’s world – and that’s because they deliver exactly what they promise their clients, and because they aren’t afraid to do a little something extra to ensure that their clients are happy with the service they have been offered. This is the same level of professional service that you can expect from SolarCity, and if there’s anything that you feel unsure about then their technicians are there to give you advice.

Installing Solar

Whether you are a single person wanting to switch over to solar or a business hoping to switch over your entire company, you might not know a single thing about working with powertools – and you might not want to take the risk of climbing on to your own roof to try and affix solar panels. Even if you think you can do it by yourself, you might likely need some extra help – you don’t want to know what it feels like to take a plunge from a roof, and it’s pretty easy to lose your footing. Solar City understands this, and they are more than happy to install the panels for you so that you really don’t have to worry about a thing – you can just plug in and power on.

Updated August 2, 2018

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Alice Sparkle

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