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Is solar energy right for you? You should consider switching over to solar power if you think that you are spending far too much money on electricity right now – and that would include most people. In fact, we’d say if you are spending anything on your electricity bill right now then you are paying too much. Why? Because electricity is a basic right – and should be available to everyone; and when it really comes down to it, the use (though not abuse!) of our natural resources are free – it’s not like there is a current tax on the sun’s rays, and many countries are in fact offering rebates and compensation for those who have switched to solar. Now could be a great time to make the change. Here’s more about why solar power matters to you.

The Future is Now

In the fifties and sixties, there was a lot of speculation about what the future was going to look like – and people had pretty fancy ideas in their head of flying cars and all sorts of futuristic gadgets: The reality of the future that we used to imagine looks pretty different than what we thought it would be like. So, now that we’ve reached the future that we used to dream about, now what future do we have from here on? The way we think about the future immediately has to change. The vision for the future that we can see for the next generation looks pretty bleak if you consider that the world’s population is still rising at a steady rate, and that the world’s resources can no longer keep up to accommodate this: If we don’t change the future to more sustainable options now, future generations will be paying the price for it.

The time to take advantage of the future is now – and making the switch to solar is just step one to changing the future, and it can save you money all at the same time too.

SunNova Reviews

If you type solar power into your search engine then you can expect to see about twelve million results – while some of those might not be related to the search terms we’re talking about here, we can assume that at least half or more of that number are solar energy providers that you will encounter during a search when you are looking for the one to power your home. How on earth are you supposed to pick a solar energy provider when you are faced with more or less six million different options – each of them promising great returns, but likely not all of them delivering what they promise? Of course, you’re going to do your research first, and we’re going to guess that is what brought you to be reading this article right now: Could Sunnova be the right company to switch your home over to solar power? Here’s what we thought about them as a whole.

Company History

You might not have heard of Sunnova before, but the company has been in existence for a while – and they have made exceptionally great leaps in terms of what they can offer customers; investors have also been climbing onto it, and much more has been invested in Sunnova over the past few years than you would ever expect: This means that Sunnova is a very trusted player in the market already, and you can trust them to provide you with a good service – many people have already made use of Sunnova to install solar panel systems in their home, and most of them have been exceptionally happy with the service they have received. In 2018, they closed a massive investment deal worth more than $100 million – so you’ve got investors behind this that trust the company just as much as you do.

Installing Solar Energy

Installing solar energy can seem like a huge task that most people just don’t have the time for, don’t know how to approach or just don’t want to take the risk of doing: Especially if you have never done any kind of work with powertools in your life, we can think of a thousand more reasons that you would not want to climb on to a roof to install solar panels – and that’s where companies like Sunnova come in. They are able to provide you with the advice that you need, and they’ll even send a technician along with your order of a solar system to install everything for you – that way you can get to use the system without you having to worry about any of the really technical stuff.

Sunnova Offers More

The responsibility of a company and what it can really offer you and the community as a whole doesn’t start or end with the company being able to offer a good service and product – you should still expect more from a company when the service has been delivered, and Sunnova is a company that offers you more: If you are especially passionate about solar power and you would like to work in the industry and learn more as you go, then visit the Sunnova website and head over to their Careers section – they’ll post any career opportunites that they have here. If you are instead looking to partner up with the company to help the community, visit the Partners section of their website instead to find what you’re looking for. Sunnova is a lot more than just a company that sets you up with energy needs.

Customer Service

The couple of bad reviews that we could find online that were related to Sunnova also happened to report that they were eventually happy with the service they received. Most of the bad reviews came back to change their reviews later to say that they had dealt with customer service – and that they had gone the extra mile to fix what the reported issue was. That’s a good thing; The sign of a great company is not the fact that you can’t find any complaints about the company, but how they respond to the complaints about the company that were out there. And we can say that Sunnova’s comments reported that they were quick to respond to complaints, and that clients were happy with the customer service they had received – and that’s something that gets a company huge brownie points in our book!

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