Tesla solar roof the next solar shingle – Reviews and Costs

Tesla solar roof the next solar shingle – Reviews and Costs July 3, 2018Leave a comment

Congratulations if you’ve been recently thinking of switching your home over to solar power. You will be joining thousands of people in making a more environmentally conscious decision – that might seem like a small one when you make it now, but is really a huge step with a massive overall impact when many people start doing it and reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.

But what do you look at when you want to buy a solar panel setup for your roof? We’re taking a look at the Tesla Solar Roof: The Next Solar Shingle – should you consider buying it? What do people think about it? How much does it cost you to set up? Keep reading if you would like to know more.

Tesla Solar Roof Review

Tesla Solar Roof Review

More About Tesla

When you plan on going solar, you’ll want to pick the highest quality product that you can possibly afford – provided by a brand that you can trust. This will be a brand that has a good reputation for providing a lasting product. And when it comes to Tesla, most people will already be familiar with Tesla as it is: They have come up with some pretty cool scientific advances that are great for the environment, including groundbreaking work in the electric card industry. .You know you can trust Tesla to provide you with quality.

Tesla Solar Roof Description

According to the official Tesla description, the Tesla Roof will aim to turn your household roof into an energy-generating system that can supply your entire house with power – and get your house off the grid and on the way to a more environmentally friendly house. And, it’ll be cheaper to set up than being hit with a power bill every week or month. And, according to the Tesla Solar Roof description, these are made with glass solar tiles – so they’re made to last you a very long time.

Tesla Solar Roof Facts

Want to know more about the Tesla Solar Roof and just how it works? First, the Tesla Solar Roof system is simply installed on your roof – and, of course, they are positioned and angled so that they get the most exposure to sun possible. This system is connected to a battery, to where the stored energy that is harvested from the sun heads so that you can make use the stored power at any time. One thing we love about the Tesla Solar Roof is the fact that there are different options available if you want to buy – including ones that will fit the look of your roof, not just the size. They like aesthetics, and we love that!

More About the Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof Review

You can choose the Tesla Solar Roof in various sizes to fit the existing size of your roof – just make sure that you measure your roof’s size beforehand so that you know exactly how many tiles you’re going to need to cover the right amount of space. You can pick it in various textures, including Textured, Smooth, Tuscan and Slate – so you can pick whatever suits what you already have on your roof. Nobody likes a solar panel that looks like an eyesore – and with the Tesla Solar Roof you don’t have to.

Tesla Solar Roof Installation

The Tesla Solar Roof doesn’t take a lot of know-how to install properly: In fact, you just need to know how to attach the solar panels to your roof – and at most you might have to pull through some wiring. If you don’t feel up to it, you can hire someone to assist you to install it for you instead.

Why Buy Solar

Why Buy Solar

Solar is More Affordable

Still not swayed to switch? Solar power is a lot more affordable than being hit with a surprise electricity bill every week or month – even if the initial set up cost can be more than $1, 000. You will save more than that in the long run if you switch to solar now.

Solar is Sustainable

The one thing that we know about solar energy is that it is less likely to suddenly run out – or skyrocket in prices. Solar energy is far more sustainable than similar forms of generating energy – and we can almost always count on the fact that mankind will have safe access to natural light: The same doesn’t ring true when we’re talking nuclear power, which carries many potential risks.

Buying Solar Tips

Safely Buying Online

Make sure that the website you are buying your solar panels from is one that has a good reputation for providing a quality product, and read some reviews on the website if you can find any anywhere online. Find out what their returns policy is, and find out if you can find someone to help you install the solar panels before you even place the order – this will save you a lot of headaches, and if you’re not great at anything that has “handy” in the name then it might save you some medical bills from falling off the roof.

Many hardware stores are more than happy to provide you with some expert help to install anything DIY-related at a small fee – usually per hour. Make use of this to install your solar panels if you aren’t completely sure how – or you just aren’t feeling physically up to the job.

Measure Once, Cut Twice

Before you fork out the money to buy solar panels, we would highly recommend that you know at least more or less what your average power consumption is every week or month – and that you have measured your roof before you order any solar tiles: How else are you going to know how many you should order? It’s better to take these kinds of precautions before you place your order – or you might end up with too little or even too many. The expression says measure twice, cut once – not the other way around!

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