The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy July 3, 2018Leave a comment

Unless you have literally been spending your life in total isolation under a rock away from the sun, you will have at least heard about solar power by now: From friends, from the news, from actually seeing people in your community and neighborhood make the switch over to solar power, which is generally considered to be a sustainable energy source that’s much better for the environment than what you might be making use of now.

It’s important to take a look at some of what makes solar power viable – and some of the cons at the same time, too. Here are some of the pros and cons of solar power.

The Pros of Solar Energy

The Pros of Solar Energy

Solar Power is Cheaper

First, we should start by saying that there are far more pros for solar energy than there ever could be cons. The first obvious advantage to solar energy over traditional forms of generating electricity is because solar power is cheaper to run: It will save you money in the long run. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to source your power from natural resources rather than to receive a bill for your electricity every week or month? We’re sure it would!

Solar Power is Easy to Install

You don’t have to understand solar power to use it, and you don’t need to go get a degree to install solar power in your house or business. Solar power is a very simple process, and like we’ve just said – you don’t need to understand it in order to switch your house or business over to solar power, because solar power works regardless of whether you understand the science behind it. That means it’s so simple to switch over to, almost anyone can do it.

Solar Energy is “Off the Grid”

Many people pick solar power because it gives them an opportunity to go “off of the grid” – why would you want to go off the grid in the first place? If the national power grid collapses or undergoes any kind of shortage, you will be directly affected as a result: Being without electricity means that you risk getting cut off from your work, friends and family – and can you afford to risk that? Solar energy puts you off the grid and in control, partially, of your own resources.

For the Environment

Solar is Sustainable

Solar power is a sustainable energy source – that means that it can keep going as long as there is sunlight to draw energy from; it won’t suddenly ‘run out’ like we can expect to see from fossil fuels like coal that are being used by most of the world now. Solar power won’t just switch off, solar power won’t just run out, solar power is an environmentally friendly and sustainable power source – which is why many people are choosing now to switch over.

Solar Takes Pressure Off

Have you thought of the overall effect that switching over to solar power will have on the environment as a whole? And, then we’re not just talking about the environment, we’re also talking about it a smaller scale in your neighbourhood. Switching over to solar power means that you could very well inspire others to follow in your footsteps, and you will be reducing the pressure that’s put on the national power grid by going off it yourself. This has an overall positive effect!

Solar Has No Byproducts

What’s wrong with nuclear energy if it can provide the world with more than enough power to go around. But it’s also generally considered to be at a high risk of becoming unstable, and there are many byproducts and waste associated with nuclear power – that is not true if you are switching over to solar instead. Why? Because generating solar power does no harm to the environment.

The Cons of Solar Energy

The Cons of Solar Energy

Solar Energy Accessibility

So, what could possibly be a downside to solar energy then? The first point that’s serving as a current downside to solar power is its accessibility: Simply not everyone has solar power yet because a great deal of the world can’t access solar energy just yet – we’re talking mostly about third world countries, where it’s expensive to switch over an entire house – and so pricy that most people simply don’t.

Solar Energy Awareness

Okay, so we’ll say that solar energy awareness is going well overall – more people and business are switching over to a more conscious approach. But at the same time, more can still be done for awareness to get more people to realize the benefits of solar power and consider switching their power systems over to solar. Until that happens, more can still be done to promote awareness overall.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy Needs Sun

You might have already thought of this potential downside to solar energy while you were reading this article, and we will have to address it here in full: Solar energy needs sun in order to generate energy. This is great in places where you generally get full sun – but much less ideal in other places where there is frequent cloud cover. For these types of places, solar power simply is not the best option, though there are other sustainable types of energy that you can consider if you want to switch over.

Why Doesn’t Everyone?

Why doesn’t everyone have access to solar energy just yet? It’s a combination of some of the factors we have mentioned above. Not everyone has access to solar energy yet, and in places where people have the access, they still lack the knowledge and awareness of solar power to make the change. In other places, solar power just isn’t practical for permanent use and some kind of alternative has to be found – which is usually wind-driven power instead. There is still a lot that can be done to promote solar power and get it to work even more efficiently than we know it to work now: But it all starts with a single person switching their household at a time, and it can start with you.

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