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Vivint Solar Review

Environmentalism almost seems like it has become all about trendy ‘buzzwords’. Words like sustainability, words like ‘gluten free’, words like ‘solar power’ – but have you ever stopped to think about just how all of it affects you and how you can go about making a difference in the larger scheme of things? Making a change to encompass environmentalism and more environmentally conscious decisions is something that everyone can do: You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be a complete and total hippy – you can just be a normal, everyday person who is deciding to make a change.

And switching over to solar power could be a change that doesn’t just save your environment, but also manages to save you money. Here’s why you should look at Vivint Solar as your solar power provider.

Solar Powered Life

Did you know that ancient cultures used to look up to the sun as a deity? We have very well documented records of ancient sun worship, and people were convinced that the sun was far more than just a burning source of energy and heat, but instead a deity that they needed to bring worship too. It’s not a far leap to see why the sun was so important in ancient times – without it, essential things like the harvest that kept everyone alive throughout the year would have been an impossible task; without the vitamin D from the sun the human body – and many animals – would be completely unable to function. Can you see that the sun is pretty much still just as important in today’s life? But in today’s world, we still need the sun just as much as we did now – and if you switch your life to solar power, then you are using the energy of the sun to its full potential.

VIVINT Solar Review

Solar power is an increasingly popular option for people who want to make a choice to be more environmentally friendly – it might also be a choice that’s happening primarily because of your budget: You know by now that you can save by using solar power instead of relying on the national power grid. And you know that solar power is safer than traditional alternatives – you don’t have to worry about the potential of a nuclear meltdown if you’re using the sun. But it’s overwhelming to choose an option once you’re confronted with what’s out there. You don’t have reason to worry about it! Here’s why you should consider Vivint Solar for your solar power needs.

VIVINT Solar Company History

Vivint Solar was founded in 2011 for the first time, and you might already be familiar with the Vivint brand as a whole – they have been providing clients with tech solutions for years, and Vivint Solar is only one branch of the larger company. You can trust that they have already built up a strong reputation – and the company is large enough to be employing an incredible number of more or less 4, 000 employees at the time of writing, and they are publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange – opening up more opportunities for investors. They offer a lot of new options that we haven’t seen from many other solar providers, including the fact that clients have the option to lease a solar system instead of buying one if they don’t have the money right now – or to opt for applying for a loan instead.

Installing Solar

If you’ve already made the decision to have solar power installed on your home or business, then we’d like to congratulate you for making the choice in the first place: You will find that you no longer have to worry about electricity bills from now on, and you’ll find that you might even inspire some people close to you to make the change themselves – wouldn’t it be great to see more solar power panels popping up all around your neighbourhood? It you’re interested in setting it up, then you might have wondered about how to set it up: A lot of people are great with their hands and can install the panels themselves, but most people aren’t and don’t want to fall of a roof – in that case, Vivint Solar is more than happy to help you out with great advice – and they’ll even help you install them if you don’t know how.

Company Responsibility

The responsibility of a company doesn’t begin and end when they’re done providing a customer with a great service – there’s a thing called corporate responsibility, which refers to just what the company is giving back to the community. This can be donations, this can be special projects, and this is usually somehow related to the environment – everyone wants to see a company give something back, and people are far more likely to trust companies that have an active role in their communities. We can’t fault Vivint Solar on their corporate responsibility factor – we found that their website was easy to navigate and that they were completely transparent about their role in the community. That’s something we love to see, and we’ll give them ten points towards effort for involving themselves.

More Benefits to Vivint

The reasons that we’ve already given you here isn’t the only reasons that make Vivint Solar a powerful player in the USA solar power market: Yes, we’ve already told you about the fact that they’re a well-established company that you can trust, and you should know by now that they most likely offer a high quality product that will last for a long time – that’s all of the qualities that you’re looking for. But they also do a little bit more than that, and as a home service provider they are active in 21 US states with their headquarters in Utah – and they offer a lot of options that many others don’t, like the option of taking out a loan for your solar system at home if you don’t have the cash right now.

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