What is Solar Energy

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Thousands of people are making a change to solar energy. Not only are fossil fuels running out, they’re becoming more and more expensive over time – leading to companies and people trying to spark to find alternatives instead. Many available alternatives like nuclear energy have a lot of downsides, like leaving plenty of waste in the environment which creates an entire range of other problems.

Solar energy offers a viable alternative to generate your own power – it’s easier and more affordable than what you’re using now.Here’s some more information about what solar energy is and how it can help you and the environment.

Explaining Solar Power

Explaining Solar Power

How Solar Works

Most people already knows that solar power works – and that solar power is considered to be more environmentally friendly and cheaper than other means of generating electricity. But very few people will stop to think about the mechanics of just how solar electricity really works. First, solar power panels are filled with cells – usually made from silicone; when light rays hit these cells, they get “excited” enough to generate power. Without getting into too much of the fancy science, that’s what you need to know about exactly how solar power works.

Why Solar Works

Just why does solar power work? Solar power works because the sunlight itself is made from energy – and this energy can be harvested by cells and stored in batteries, much like the smaller kind of battery that might power your phone. Solar works because of simple energy laws. Energy is harvested instead of really generated – and from a sustainable source, so we can do it as a species as long as we have access to sunlight. The same is not true for fossil fuels, which are running out quicker and quicker.

Why Solar Works Better

We can tell you that solar power is much safer than other alternatives to fossil fuels like nuclear power: There are no waste materials that can take their toll on the environment, and you don’t have to worry about the potential that solar power will suddenly become unstable – which is a constant worry when you’re working with sources like nuclear energy. Just think of what happened with some of the first Nuclear reactors ever set up.

The Start of Solar Energy

Solar Power Invention

The process behind what makes solar power work was invented much, much earlier than most people would imagine. The person that takes credit for the invention of the process behind solar power was Alexander Edmond Becquerel – way, way back in the 1800s. Wow, you didn’t think that solar panels could have been invented that early, now did you? From there, the process of solar energy led to the first commercially available solar panel in the 1950s – which, of course, led to the solar technology that we have available today.

New Solar Inventions

Solar energy usage skyrocketed since the first solar panel was invented, and today you can’t drive through your average neighbourhood without seeing many houses that already have solar panels or water heaters installed on their roof – and that’s a great thing to see. It can convince many more people to make the change to solar power: Will you be swayed to switch your home or business over to solar power by the end of this article? You have the potential to influence the future of the environment.

Uses for Solar Power

Uses for Solar Power

Smaller Solar Panels

It’s incredible what you can see in household solar panels these days. The first kind of solar panel that we’d like to talk about is the smaller type of solar panel – one that’s usually just enough to charge a mobile phone, keep a small radio going or power a calculator. Most people can benefit from using these solar panels, especially if they are on the go often and need to keep their phones charged – like people who are regular campers.

Large Scale Solar Use

Apart from the solar panels that are available for smaller appliances, there are also larger solar panels available that you can use by sticking them on the roof of your house: These are powerful enough to power much more than just a light or a phone, and these are the panels that you will be looking at if you want to switch over your entire house or business to solar power: You can even switch over your business complex.

More About Solar Energy

Solar Energy Pros

Have we managed to convince you to switch over to solar power yet? It’s much better than what you’re doing now because it’s likely much cheaper than having to pay a monthly or weekly power bill; and, it’s much more environmentally friendly than burning up fossil fuels to create energy. We know that fossil fuels are already running out at a steady rate, and this can lead to the collapse of civilization as you know it: How many devices you can think of work with electricity? Well, the one you’re reading this one, for starters.

Solar Energy is the Future

Solar energy is the future. Nuclear energy has long been considered as an alternative to traditional methods of generating power, but recent years have shown us that nuclear energy cannot be relied on to be completely safe – and the only difference between nuclear energy and nuclear destruction is the intent. Or, there are cases where a simple mistake at a reactor can cause a complete meltdown – and lead to the potential endangerment of thousands of people at a time.

This risk doesn’t exist when you are using solar power.

You don’t have to worry about any dangerous meltdowns, you don’t have to worry about waste that’s being sent into the environment on your behalf – you don’t really have to worry at all. Solar energy is considered to be safer, quicker, cheaper and easier than most other forms of energy. Can you really afford not to switch your house and/or business to solar power immediately? Your wallet will definitely thank you, and the environment will follow.

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